What if sometimes Mac enters letters and spaces twice?

Have you ever noticed that your Mac sometimes enters spaces and letters twice? This problem occurs with

some MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and MacBook users. With a single keystroke, the corresponding letter or character is entered twice. It is very uncomfortable.

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Such a problem occurs quite often, but it is unclear what exactly is its cause. However, changing a specific option in the Mac OS settings may help. Below is more about this.

How to fix double character entry problem on Mac?

Note that this method does not solve the problem in all cases, but it helped some.

  1. On the menu bar, select the Apple icon, and then System settings.
  2. Go to section Keyboard and select the tab Keyboard.
  3. Find a slider Auto-repeat key and move it to position Off (left).
  4. Close the system settings.
  5. Open any program with text input and see if the problem has disappeared.

If now all applications, phrases, words, letters, numbers, characters and spaces are entered as needed, the problem is eliminated. Most likely, the reason was a bug of this function.

Unfortunately, the problem will not be solved for all users.

Try to clean keyboard

If your Mac still types characters twice,need to clean the keyboard. You can use the program “Keyboard Cleaner”, which temporarily locks the keyboard so that you can clean it easily. Take a slightly damp cloth or a special napkin and wipe the keyboard of your laptop.

Perhaps a good keyboard cleaning will help solve the problem.

Is the problem still unsolved?

If none of the methods above helped you, perhaps the problem is technical and is related to the keyboard of your laptop.

In this case, you are advised to contactspecialist or service Apple. For some models, there is a program for free replacement of the keyboard. Among them are MacBook Pro 2016, MacBook Pro 2017 and 12-inch MacBook 2015-2017. With a working keyboard such a problem should not arise.