What is a smartphone flagship: the difference between gadgets

Mobile device users are often interested in what a flagship is. This term is quite common

used for various consumer electronics.We often hear phrases like “flagship device,” “flagship smartphone,” and “flagship features,” but we have little understanding of what it all means. In fact, these terms do not have a clear definition, since each person may have their own understanding of the word “flagship”.

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Term meaning

If you turn to history, you can come toconcluding that this word has nothing to do with smartphones. Initially, the flagship called the ship, on board which was the commander of the navy. As a rule, such a vessel was marked with an officer's flag. From this we can conclude that the word “flagship” is in a sense a synonym for the word “main”. That is why the flagships are usually called the most advanced mobile devices in the line of a certain manufacturer.

If you want to better understand the meaning of somewords, first of all you need to refer to the dictionaries to find out its official definition. It turns out that the flagship is not only the ship of the Navy. This word may have another meaning - “the best and most important subject from a system or group”.

Looks like mobile developersused the alternative meaning of the word to denote their best smartphones. But the question arises whether the devices that are called flagships are really the best on the market. The problem is that mobile devices become obsolete very quickly. What is currently considered a flagship may become outdated in just a few months.

How to distinguish the flagship smartphone?

Most often, the manufacturer uses thisthe word for the smartphone that she considers her best product at the moment. Thanks to this approach, everything becomes immediately clear. As a result, it becomes very easy to distinguish the flagships from ordinary phones. Flagship status is automatically assigned to the company's best universal phone and does not depend on features or specifications. The flagship is considered the most popular device that is in demand, regardless of whether it has the most advanced features. Even manufacturers of relatively cheap mobile devices have their own smartphones, which also fall under this definition.

Flagship usually personifies everything that canoffer a single company within 1 phone. In this case, the manufacturer itself decides which device to consider to be the main one, in effect depriving this right of its customers. Flagship typically has all or most of the features that a company developed at the time of its release. For example, the device Samsung Galaxy, which has 4 GB of RAM, is considered the main, despite the fact that the OnePlus 3 has 6 GB of RAM. The new flagship must have the best performance compared to its predecessor.

Such a mobile phone will always be compared withother devices. The company is trying to make its Flagship as spectacular as possible so that it looks decent against the competition. But contrary to popular belief, the main phone may not always be the most expensive in the lineup. Recently there has been an interesting trend, when manufacturers are increasingly inclined to the so-called budget flagships. Such devices are not compared with expensive phones of competitors, but with those devices that are in the same price range with them.

As all smartphone makers nominatecertain devices are flagship buyers first and foremost will pay attention to them. If such status is assigned to the phone, it automatically falls into a certain category, which distinguishes it from a huge number of less popular devices. But what are the defining characteristics due to which the phone gets a flagship status?

It can be assumed that such a smartphonemust have features that are considered standard among competitors. For example, a device with a display of 1080 pixels can not get the status of Flagship, since all companies are already moving to the standard Quad HD.

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