What is harmful to health nutmeg

In the average Russian cuisine there is a heap of various seasonings and spices. However, nutritionist Elena

Solomatina, in an interview with News.ru, told how dangerous the frequent use of one popular spice - nutmeg can be. Discuss

Solomatina warns that nutmegshould only be used in small amounts. So, for a piquant taste of the dish, the amount of this spice is enough, which can fit on the tip of a knife, the expert explains. If you overdo it with him, then he can cause hallucinations, a disorder of the nervous system, and in the worst case scenario - a fatal outcome.

Even with a small overdose, dizziness, confusion occurs, concentration of attention falls. It is, one might say, a narcotic, poisonous spice

Elena SolomatinaNutritionist

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