What is it like to wash your hair in zero gravity. Taikonavka showed on video

China's first female astronaut Wang Yaping showed a video taken on the Tiangong orbital station. It

allows you to understand how difficult it is to wash your hair if you are in zero gravity. Discuss

A woman can be seen squeezing shampoo out of a bottle.on the head, and then rub it into the roots and apply along the entire length. All this time, the hair stands on the head, because it is not pulled down by any force. Then the woman takes the water in the bag and starts squeezing it on her head. You can see how the water in the form of drops scatters around the cabin. At the end, the taikonaut wipes her hair and puts a cap on her head. In general, the whole process is very far from the usual washing of the head.

In February, Wang Yaping performed a musical composition on the traditional Chinese guzheng instrument while at the station.