What is the APU dropping on Russian tanks? Ukraine is at war with toys?

We have seen many times in reports how Ukrainian troops drop incomprehensible bombs on our troops from

copters. What is it, how effective is it? Understanding the new article. Discuss

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  • Bomber Copters
  • Ukrainian impact copters

Bayraktar, Bayraktar, we only hear aboutBayraktar. In general, starting from recent years, after Syria, Karabakh and now Ukraine, it seems that the battlefield belongs to drones - and the one who has more of them is stronger.

Say the phrase above in the voice of this gentleman, please

But don't forget that Bayraktar are drones,which fly like airplanes: they need runways in order to take off and land, they have a solid mass, and they need decent speed on takeoff. One useful (although it’s like someone, hehe) load for strike and reconnaissance drones is estimated at 150-300 kg.

But launched from the hands, or by shooting fromspecial launchers (mortar, artillery system, MLRS are also suitable) drones can only reconnaissance / direct. But they cannot strike, unless, of course, they are designed as kamikaze drones.

Quadcopters (hexacopters, octocopters), longand firmly conquered the civilian market, previously popular for video filming, in environmental intelligence and other useful things - the military is not yet particularly quoted. Although it would seem that there are a lot of advantages:

  • Ease of launch - takes off and lands anywhere and any way

  • Slow moving, cruising speed for medium-level and engine power is about 35-70 km / h

  • Together with quietness, light and tiny, which means that if UAVs are usually difficult to detect by means of air defense, then copters are essentially invisible at all

  • Able hover over the object, and not barrage. That is transmit a stable, static image, and also fly into buildings and fly around the streets in buildings at ultra-low altitudes

For example

But there are also disadvantages that make it difficult to revealtalents - short launch range due to limited charge or fuel (there are electric and mechanical engines), rather small cars cannot boast of flight time.

Also, copters are very limited in carrying capacity, so the suspension of weapons on them is excluded ... almost.

Bomber Copters

Like a bomber, a copter has a significantadvantage - it can hover over the target, which means that complex calculations are not required when bombing, this can be done almost by eye. This is helped by a small height - a miniature copter is barely noticeable at an altitude of 100-200 meters and above.

The key issue is load capacity. It fluctuates in the most powerful machines in the region of 1500 - 2000 grams. It all depends on the power of the engine, the size of the blades and the material of manufacture.

But even in Syria, copters have become effective combatmeans of various armed groups - improvised bombs converted from VOG (ammunition for underbarrel or automatic grenade launchers) or grenades were hung on them. They cannot do much damage, but the copters can find the enemy in cover and drop a micro-bomb on the accumulation of manpower that does not expect such a trick - at a height the copter can not be seen or heard, or not have time to scatter or hide.

The mass of Vog-17 is 350 grams, F-1 grenades -600 grams, and RGN - 310 grams, RKG (cumulative anti-tank grenade) - 1070 grams. Even a civilian copter can take a few of these munitions as a bomb load. When ordering components for quadrocopters on Aliexpress, the same ISIS (ISIS is an organization banned on the territory of the Russian Federation) created such tactical micro-bombers.

Yes, it is difficult to count on high damage, butthe suddenness and regularity of such attacks fetters the enemy, forcing him to act much more carefully. This is especially important in battles in urban areas - in a firefight at close range, you will not hear the buzz of the "bomber" and you will not be able to monitor the sky. Losses from such ammunition are many lightly wounded, who will become a burden to the rest and will be excluded from combat operations for some time.

VOG is not only a fashion magazine for girls

Ukrainian impact copters

This tactic has actually been around for a long time.mastered in combat operations on the territory of the LDNR, and on both sides. Limited military budgets force a lot of improvisation, and copters for the troops are often chipped in by sympathetic civilians through volunteers.

With their help, the parties carried out small sabotagenear the line of contact (the copter cannot fly deeper into the defense due to weak batteries) - they hit firing points, mortar crews, earthen fortifications. They also carried out reconnaissance in combat - with its help, you can understand how much the enemy has forces and what readiness they are.

Ukrainians appreciated such a tool due to the modestmilitary budget (until recently, as you remember, there were no deliveries of modern weapons) and decided to expand the scope of copters - from disturbing weapons to full-fledged shock weapons.

VSUshnik equips R-18 strike drone with anti-tank cumulative bombs

In service with the engineering troops of the USSR there wereshaped charges KZ-6. They were used by units of various types - saboteurs could use them to damage the roadway or runways; sappers neutralized heavy mines and boreholes (depressions in the ground for placing charges).

During the Cold War with the KZ-6planned to eliminate nuclear mines on the border of the FRG-GDR in the event of the Third World War (these were prepared to blow up bridges and other important structures). The mass of such a charge is 3 kg (4.8 kg with weights for fixation), the mass of explosives is 1.8 kg, penetration: 215 mm tank armor, 550 mm reinforced concrete structures, 800 mm frozen soil.

On the basis of the KZ-6, the Ukrainians created the KZ-4800 ammunition, a list of improvements - a new contact fuse and plumage to stabilize free fall ... stupidly made on a 3D printer.

But there are also weapons no worse - RKG cumulative grenades, the mass of which is barely more than 1 kg, and penetration from 170 to 220 mm. They are converted into free-falling bombs in a similar way.

RKG 1600 bombs converted from RKG grenades

Specialized anti-tankthe R18 octocopter drone, designed for such bomb grenades, can take on board up to 4 pieces. To defeat one tank, as a rule, two are dropped. In total - for a flight he is able to destroy up to two tanks (in case of a successful hit, of course). Throwing accuracy from 300 meters has been increased to 1 m². If the drone hits the engine compartment with a projectile, the vehicle can be destroyed by fire and subsequent detonation of the ammunition.

Copter, even powerful and lifting (weight under 5kilo - this is noticeably more than the average values ​​for a carrying capacity of 2 kg) costs ... well, under 17-25 thousand dollars. Expensive? And now, for comparison, estimate that the Bayraktar complex of 6 birds and a control center costs $ 70 million. The copter can be equipped with an inexpensive thermal imager for more thorough reconnaissance of the area, and voila - an almost imperceptible tank hunter is ready.

In addition, with the help of the KZ-4800, you can attack the prepared defenses and the enemy who has settled into shelters.

KZ-4800 with plumage

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According to information available in open sources,such a weapon was an unpleasant surprise for the Russian troops - there are practically no means of countering it. At the same time, at cost, it is so cheap that a miss or even loss of a bird is not critical - the price of such a complex is many, many times lower than the same Javelin missiles and is comparable to the NLAW launcher or Stugna ATGM. But, unlike them, it is capable of attacking without the crew entering the visibility zone at all, and the fall of such a bomb cannot be detected by any means of active tank protection.