What is the best cheese for bone health?

New Study Suggests Norwegian Jarlsberg Cheese May Help Prevent Thinning

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Researchers say that about one serving (57 grams) of Jarlsberg cheese can help prevent weakened bones without raising cholesterol levels.

To find out, scientists studied 66 healthywomen who ate either 57 grams of Jarlsberg cheese or 50 grams of Camembert cheese every day for six weeks. All participants were healthy, had a normal weight and a mean age of 33 years.

Both cheeses have the same level of fat and protein,but Jarlsberg is also rich in vitamin K2. The researchers analyzed the participants' blood samples. Those who ate Norwegian cheese had increased vitamin K2 levels. The scientists concluded that daily consumption of Jarlsberg has a positive effect on osteocalcin, other markers of bone metabolism, glycated hemoglobin and lipids.

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