What is the cheapest Android smartphone?

The ultrabudget segment of smartphones is becoming more saturated every year, technologies are evolving

crazy pacebecome more accessible. Inexpensive Android phone - today it is first and foremost a set of compromises. The manufacturer faces a difficult task: to create a cheap product that will be functional and will satisfy the basic requirements of customers.

INOI Lite 1

Today we have the most affordable smartphone on the review.in the line of the Russian company INOI. Model Lite 1 is an incredibly compact device that runs Android 8.1 GO (a special OS version for low-power devices). Among the distinctive features, it is worth noting support for 3G, 2x SIM cards, the ability to expand memory using microSD memory cards, as well as support for Hi-Res audio codec (you can comfortably use your smartphone as a music player).


  • MediaTek MT6580 processor (1.2 GHz). Kernels Cortex-A7, graphics Mali-400 MP2
  • 4 "display (10.2 cm), 480 x 854 px resolution, TFT matrix type
  • RAM 512 MB, built-in 4 GB with the possibility of expansion
  • 5 MP camera
  • Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz), Bluetooth, GPS, Dual Sim, 3.5 mm
  • 1300 mAh battery
  • Android 8.1 Oreo Go Edition


In terms of format and appearance, INOI Lite 1 recalledI have an iPhone 3G / 3GS. This smartphone was about the same size. Due to the small size in hand, the device is comfortable. Using one hand is incredibly convenient. In the era of phablets is not even familiar. Case - matte soft touch plastic. I did not like the location of the volume rocker and on / off. Engineers for some reason placed them on the left side of the body, when all manufacturers have long installed them from the right. Of course, you can get used to it, but why complicate it?


Continue the review of INOI Lite 1, then we will focus ondisplay. Here it is as simple as possible, the viewing angles are minimal. Information is read in the sun, but with difficulty. There is nothing surprising here, all state employees are cut down on the display and it’s not worth waiting for something supernatural from them. Basic information is read comfortably, including when using the browser.


To be honest, I expected the worst. It shoots at the level of the same iPhone 3G. The detailing is satisfactory, it can be used as a scanner, but in good light conditions. For more camera INOI Lite 1 and is not suitable.


On board the smartphone installed the latest version.Google's operating system - Android 8.1 GO with standard pre-installed branded applications (Maps, Chrome Browser, FM Radio, YouTube), which in turn are optimized for state employees with low technical characteristics. I estimate the work of the system by 4. Sometimes the system is freezes and slows down, not critical, of course. Affects 512 MB of RAM. But for an inexpensive smartphone for 2000 rubles, this fact should be taken as a feature.

For whom?

This smartphone is a bright representativeultra budgetary. Such devices are often purchased for use as a second / work phone, where the main tasks: calls, instant messengers and occasionally a browser. Also, this model can be recommended as the first smartphone. I must say, for games it does not fit, maximum Tetris and simple 2D games.


Here it is, the cheapest Android smartphone in2019 Calls, gives access to the Internet, great for instant messengers. And what else to wait for 2000 rubles? True, the best will not be for sure! Adequate and balanced budget. The official page of the smartphone.