What is the H1 chip responsible for in the new AirPods 2?

The original AirPods operate on the W1 chip, which is responsible for fast connection and other functions. The new AirPods,

which can be ordered now, a new and improved H1 chip has appeared.

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When developing the first AirPods, Apple engineers quickly realized that they would have to work independently on a wireless connection, because the Bluetooth standard was not enough.

The company's solution was the W1 chip, which provides reliable Bluetooth connectivity, power saving and other unique headphone functions.

This is what the W1 chip in the original AirPods is responsible for:

  • Reliable Bluetooth connection via iCloud to Apple devices.
  • Improved energy distribution.
  • Rendering audio.
  • Providing Bluetooth 4.1 / 4.2 connections.
  • Sensor management.
  • Sync two headphones, case and devices.

New AirPods also contain new features like Hi, Siri and 50% more talk time. But that is not all.

According to Apple itself, the H1 chip in the new AirPods supports all the same features as the W1 chip, and with them:

  • Hi, Siri.
  • An extra hour of talk time.
  • More stable connection to devices.
  • Switching between active devices is 2 times faster.
  • The delay in games is 30% lower.
  • The connection time to telephone calls is 1.5 times faster.
  • Wireless charging from the cover.

Here's how Apple describes the new chip:

Apple's new H1 chip delivers morestable wireless connection to your devices and faster data transfer: up to 2 times faster when switching between active devices and 1.5 times faster when making phone calls. Thanks to the H1 chip, Siri can now be activated using your voice, and the signal delay when using headphones while playing computer games has become up to 30% lower. So no matter what you're doing - playing games, listening to music or podcasts - the sound quality will always be amazing.

All this is possible thanks to the new H1 chip.

Here is a brief description of the W series chips:

  • Apple W1used in original AirPods andSelect Beats headphones: PowerBeats3 Wireless, Solo3 Wireless, and BeatsX. For the original AirPods, the chip was responsible for Bluetooth Class 1 connectivity and audio decoding.
  • Apple W2used in Apple Watch Series 3. By upgrading to the W2 chip, Series 3 delivers 85% faster Wi-Fi and 50% more energy-efficient Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Apple W3supports Bluetooth 5 technology and is used in the new Apple Watch Series 4.

Both original and new AirPods can be connected to any device using Bluetooth 4.0+, including Android smartphones.

New AirPods and a case for wireless charging can be ordered today, and they will appear in stores from next Friday.

A case for wireless charging can be purchased separately for 6590 rubles. With a regular case, the new AirPods cost 13,490 rubles, and with a case for wireless charging, they cost 16,990 rubles.