What kind of food provokes uncontrolled binge eating

Doctor-psychotherapist and nutritionist Sergei Oblozhko told what food should be given up in order not to fall into

state of gluttony.

According to the expert, everyone has their own products,which you like more or less. And there are not so many dangerous products, from which it is literally impossible to tear themselves away, so potential addiction can be prevented if a small experiment is carried out: in order to "calculate" such products, it is enough to eat one piece.

“There is a very simple test to determine"disruptive" foods: you have to eat one bite, and then try to stop. If we can, then this is not a "disruptive" product. If after the first bite some kind of demon settles in us, and we eat everything that we bought for ourselves, for children, and in stock, then, probably, this particular product is dangerous, "the expert specified.

As a rule, this is not a conventional carrot, but somethingsweet, salty or fatty. It is almost impossible to tear yourself away from such products or dishes, therefore constant monitoring is necessary for oneself - this is the first thing to start with in order to form healthy eating habits, the doctor emphasized.

There are two very important points.The first point is that with breakdown products it is easier not to start than to stop. If you have bitten off, then it is already impossible to stop, it is better not to start eating. The second point is that the longer you don't eat the “break-out” product, the lower your cravings. The desire to eat it weakens every day.

Sergey OblozhkoPsychotherapist, nutritionist Source: RIA Novosti