What OnePlus was loved for: the creators of OxygenOS switched to Nothing

Remember what the first OnePlus smartphones were like? Flagship killers winning the hearts of fans with more than just a combination

low price tags for cool hardware, but alsothe original CyanogenMod shell, known for its closeness to “pure” Android and optimization. Later, her ideas were carefully transferred to OxygenOS, but years passed and now the current OnePlus smartphones have neither one nor the other left: smartphone prices bite, and OxygenOS can no longer be distinguished from ColorOS. The good news came from nowhere - OnePlus founder and visionary Carl Pei, now head of Nothing, announced the appearance of his own software development team. Yes, not some, but the one that once worked on OxygenOS.

He went on to explain that writing software for Phone (1)and future devices of Nothing are now handled by true fans of their craft, and not by outsourced coders who did not care too much about the success of Nothing. And you can verify this already now: the NothingOS 1.5 update was created by the OxygenOS team.

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    Sourced from twitter.com