What sandwiches will keep your figure

Nutritionist-cardiologist Asiyat Khachirova explained that in order to maintain a figure it is not necessary to give up

sandwiches and named the way to use them without harm to the figure.

Khachirova explained that a full mealshould include fiber, protein, fat and carbohydrates. According to the nutritionist, it is possible to prepare a sandwich that contains all the necessary macronutrients and after which the figure will be preserved.

She advised choosing whole grain breadflour. Boiled meat, lightly salted fish, cheese or caviar can become a source of protein in a sandwich. Khachirova does not recommend eating sausage, because, like sausages, it is a highly processed product.

According to the healthy eating standards, suchproducts should make up no more than one percent of your total diet. Frequent use of sausage sandwiches gives yourself extra pounds and a high risk of metabolic disorders

Asiyat KhachirovaDietologist-cardiologist

Butter is traditionally considered a source of fat in a sandwich, according to the cardiologist, but it also offers a less fatty alternative in the form of cottage cheese or avocado slices.

Source: Moscow 24