What should I do if Touch ID does not work in the App Store? An easy way to solve this problem

Touch ID is a great tool for authenticating the in-app purchase process using

This is a more secure form of user authentication that also speeds up the process of using a fingerprint instead of the traditional Apple account password.the entire process of making a purchase.

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Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing in this world.perfect. Happens, Touch ID does not work correctly with the AppStore when authenticating while shopping. Instead of requiring you to use a fingerprint for authentication, the App Store can ask the user for a traditional password.

Do not worry if a similar situation arises. Below will be shown how to solve this problem.

What should I do if Touch ID doesn't work in the App Store?

Step 1:Go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad and go to the Touch ID and passcode section. If the code request feature is enabled, it may be requested.

Step 2:Disable iTunes &amp; App Store.

Step 3:Next, you need to reboot the device. Hold the Lock/Sleep button. Repeat the same steps to turn on the device.

Step 4:Next, you need to go back to the Touch ID and Password section in Settings.

Step 5:Enable iTunes &amp; App Store.

After carrying out these steps, for anyWhen attempting to make a purchase through the App Store, the user will need to already use Touch ID, not an Apple ID password. Please note that if purchases through the App Store have not been made within 24 hours, the device will still require you to enter your Apple ID password.

It happens that this problem occursdue to incorrect operation of the Touch ID equipment. That is why it is necessary to ensure its normal functioning. You can verify this by using the Touch ID on the locked display to unlock the device.