What should I do to keep AirPods from falling out of ears?

We all have very different ears, but unfortunately there is only one version of AirPods that should suit most

of people. But what do you do if you're one of those 10% of people whose AirPods simply fall out of their ears? Below we will try to help you.

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AirPods headphones are very comfortable, and they work just amazing. However, it is impossible to enjoy them if they fall out of the ear. Below we will talk about six ways to solve this problem.

1. Try inserting headphones differently.

Before you buy accessories, you need tocheck, suddenly you will help the other position of the headphones in the ear. Try inserting the earpiece into your ear and then turning it about 30 degrees. Perhaps this is how the headphones will fit better in your ear. If not, try changing their position somehow.

2. Use liningDamonLight

The best solution to the problem with dropping AirPods is the DamonLight anti-slip silicone lining. With them, the headphones will not only become more comfortable, but also will sound better.

With AirPods overlays, you can sit more tightly in the ear, and you will feel more confident during jogging or simple walks.

Why are we the first to recommend these pads? Because they fit in a case for charging AirPods. This is one of the small number of accessories that fit into the case. You can once put on the lining on the headphones and forget about them forever. Other more bulky overlays in the case will not fit.

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3. Use liningEarBuddyz 2.0

EarBuddyz 2.0 is the most popular lining on Amazon, and for a reason. They are designed specifically for AirPods, and all the notches are located in the right places.

Lining made of soft siliconematerial that sits well in the ear. The most important thing is the hook above. It is inserted into the ear and tightly holds the earpiece in it. You can run, dance, etc. in their AirPods and not worry that they will fall out. The only drawback? Lining does not fit in the case.

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4. Use padsEarSkins 2

If you don't like hooks, yousuitable EarSkins 2.0. These overlays make the sound quality of the headphones much better. They stick out a little above the speaker, which is aimed right inside your ear, so that the headphones sound better. In addition, with them, AirPods do not exactly fall out of your ear. Unfortunately, they do not fit in the case.

EarSkinz has been popular since the days of the EarPods, and they are available in more than twenty different colors.

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5. Use liningSoundRound

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest solution. Similar lining can be found in the old wired headphones, which sat in the ear is much more convenient. Such linings are perfect for AirPods. In addition, they are very cheap.

Such pads are easy to put on and do not fly off. With them, the headphones are more comfortable to sit in the ear, and you can take them for a run. Moreover, they also fit in the case!

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6. Use coversAhaSound Ear Hooks

If none of the options above you like,this is your last salvation. For AirPods there are special covers that make them much more convenient. In addition, they add a good sound insulation to the headphones.

Of course, with these large overlays headphones in the case will not fit. However, they come bundled with their silicone case.

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