What smartphones do Russians choose?

The mobile market has seen a major upheaval over the past few years. A huge number of Chinese

companies have flooded the market with their phones andother useful accessories. Top companies (Samsung and Apple), although leaders in the global market, also found themselves under attack. After all, now you can buy practically all the same functions in a phone as flagships, for little money. The Russians quickly grasped this topic.

According to the latest statistics, it isChinese smartphones dominate the Russian market. Their share is 45 percent. And, of course, this could not have happened without the companies Huawei and Xiaomi, which are simply taking giant steps forward and putting “cancer” on their hands. world leaders.

Statistics data from January to May 2019indicate that this year the share of Chinese smartphones on the Russian market has increased even more by 11 percent compared to last year. 45% instead of 34%! Such manufacturers as Huawei / Honor, Xiaomi, ZTE, OPPO, Vivo started their business in Russia. So far, the South Korean tech-giant Samsung holds the first place in Russia in the market with its lion’s share of 34.2%, but Huawei is clearly catching up with the rival with its figure of 28.5%. The famous company Xiaomi ranks third with a share of 10.7%.

Note that previously Chinese smartphones hadlow price tag and were considered not good enough in terms of quality. Now in Russia, sales of Chinese phones are actively growing, the price tag of which is in the range from 30,000 to 40,000 rubles (approximately 475 — 633 US dollars). Over the course of several years, the Chinese have managed to significantly improve the quality of their products and durability while maintaining low prices. And now their devices are not perceived as cheap gadgets. On the contrary, users do not want to overpay for a brand. It is more profitable for them to update their mobile device more often and keep up with the times, rather than staying with one expensive device for several years. Do you agree?