What smartphones Russians bought most often in the spring of 2022

At the beginning of the year, several events took place at once that affected the economic situation in Russia.

Of course, this has led to the fact that the buying habits among Russians have changed.

Against this background, the specialists "M.Video-Eldorado conducted a study that showed which smartphones the country's residents bought most often in the spring of 2022. It turned out that the first three places went to Redmi devices: Redmi 9A, Redmi Note 10S and Redmi 9C took first, second and third places respectively.

Following them, suddenly, comes Apple with their iPhone 11. Samsung closes the top five - its Galaxy A03 was also quite popular among Russians.

At the same time, representatives of M.Video-Eldorado noted that in the first six months of 2022, about 11 million smartphones were sold on the Russian market. The total amount of sales amounted to around 280 billion rubles.