What time of day is best to eat apples and when they become hazardous to health

Some believe that apples can only be eaten in the morning, and in the evening they turn into poison. But what about it

science says? Discuss

In fact, the statement "in the morning an apple -gold, and in the evening - poison" - unscientific. In terms of nutritional value, it makes no difference what time of day you eat apples. At the same time, experts do not advise eating these fruits on an empty stomach in the morning, as they can create an excessive burden on the intestines, which will cause a person to experience abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea and other unpleasant symptoms.

Also, due to too many apples at night, a person may also increase the load on the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, it can lead to obesity.

In general, experts recommend eating apples for15-20 minutes. If you consume them faster, then this may have a bad effect on the condition of the stomach. Also, when chewing slowly, the organic acids in the apple will come into contact with the oral cavity more, and this is good for health.

If you are healthy, then you can eat fruits at any time.time of day, but in moderation. If you have been diagnosed with obesity or diabetes, then it is better for you to eat fruits as snacks between meals so that the body does not receive too much sugar and calories.

In general, according to the Nutrition Guide forresidents of China for 2022”, you need to eat 200-350 grams of fruit per day. That is, 250 grams, or half a bowl, can be considered the optimal amount. If you start eating too many apples and other fruits, then you may have an excess of energy and sugar in the body, and this is already dangerous for health.

Also, depending on the color of the skin, apples canaffect the body differently. Green apples are rich in chlorophyll, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and helps in wound healing. Yellow apples have a positive effect on the stomach and spleen, and also contain carotenoids (they are converted into vitamin A in the body). Red apples contain a large amount of iron, they are also good for the cardiovascular system.

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