What to do if the sound of the TV speakers is not happy

This soundbar has everything to do: it will replace the helpless TV speakers and powerfully pump the sound without

overpayments for redundant functionality.

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When there is a desire to get a sound at home at leastof any decent quality, the TV speakers are not powerful enough for this. The rule is simple: even the most affordable soundbar will be better than a built-in TV speaker system. The only exceptions may be all sorts of elite products costing from half a million rubles, but let's be honest, their customers do not read reviews. And if you are on this page, you are probably not happy with the sound talents of your TV set and are looking for a way to solve the problem.

Straight to the point: how much it costs and where to buy

At the end of August, HARMAN, a subsidiary ofthe enterprise Samsung Electronics, presented on the Russian market a new soundbar JBL Cinema SB190. The flagship of the Cinema line deserves the attention of those looking for a product that perfectly fulfills its main task of delivering good sound when watching movies and TV shows, as well as playing games. No compromises, but nothing more.


The set includes the soundbar itself, wirelesssubwoofer, remote control with a pair of little finger batteries (although you can also control the remote from the TV), two power cables, HDMI and wall mount. We could not think of what else could be added to the box, we also do not want to remove anything.


JBL Cinema SB190 soundbar received a classicdiscreet design. It will not draw attention to itself, but it will not be lost in the interior either. The upper half of the body is made of glossy black plastic, the bottom is matte black. The front grill is also made of black plastic. There is a problem with fingerprints. It would be strange to expect something else from gloss. But objectively, a soundbar is such a thing that very few people are going to regularly feel during operation. It is enough to wipe it thoroughly once after installation (especially if it is a hanging arrangement) and then wipe off the dust as with any other household items.

Manufacturer logo and touch control keysare located on the top of the case. Work indicators on the front, under the net. The glow of the diodes is noticeable, but not enough to annoy in the dark. The subwoofer is a classic rectangle in matte black. The brand logo is applied to the lower front panel, no other decor is provided. It looks discreet, but solid. In my opinion, exactly how such a product should look like.


The JBL Cinema SB190's 900mm width providesthe ability to appropriately combine the soundbar with TVs of the most popular diagonals. At 43 inches, the speaker and screen will be almost the same, so we would not recommend smaller screens. At 55 inches, the difference on each side is about 15 cm and this tandem will look good in the living room or bedroom. Against the backdrop of giants, such as TVs with a diagonal of 75 inches or more, the soundbar may seem too miniature. But here it is more a matter of taste than a disadvantage. Someone will really like that the system is "lost" against the background of the screen size, some of the principle try to choose the soundbar to fit the wide side of the TV.

As for the subwoofer, its dimensions of 409x200x280 mm are close to the most common dimensions of products in this category. This means that no problems with the location in the apartment should arise.


The main connection method is HDMI 2 cable.3 with improved eARC audio return channel. Additionally, there is an optical audio output, and to play music from a computer or phone - a wireless connection via Bluetooth 5.1. This set covers the connectivity needs for most users. By the way, there is also a USB connector, but it is a service one.


Two speakers with an oval are responsible for the soundcone 48x90 mm and two tweeters 1.25 inches. A 6.5-inch woofer is installed in the subwoofer. The output power of the system is 380 W, of which 200 falls on the sub and 2x90 on the soundbar. Frequency response 40 Hz - 20 kHz, maximum SPL 96 dB. The immersive experience is provided by Virtual Dolby Atmos surround sound technology. Switching sound profiles is available on the remote control: music, film, news. Additionally, there are Bass modes for emphasized low frequencies and Voice with an increase in the clarity and detail of the sound of conversational scenes.

Generally speaking about sound quality, JBLThe Cinema SB 190 provides a noticeable difference in sound compared to TV speakers. Let us remind you that usually a pair of 10 W tweeters are working there without convincing bass. The soundbar gives a significant increase in volume, quality and detail, creates a surround sound effect, and the subwoofer - juicy and tangible low frequencies. Watching movies or playing with such soundtrack becomes much more interesting. After that, no one in their right mind will return to the TV speakers. The JBL Cinema SB 190 has enough capacity for a small bedroom and a spacious kitchen-living room up to three dozen square meters.


The JBL Cinema SB 190 offers everything you need tousually waiting for the buyer of the soundbar. Sounds good, connectivity and controls are easy, suitable for small to medium sized rooms, and looks and feels good with 43 "to 55" TVs. And buying it will not be a blow to your wallet.

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