What to expect from a 16-inch MacBook Pro 2019?

The last time Apple's MacBook Pro was updated was in October 2016.Thin and light laptops have their drawbacks.

for example, the lack of USB-A connectors from the SD card lots, and they are also famous for keyboard problems.

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Earlier this month, there was information that Apple will release an updated MacBook Pro with a 16-inch display. After that, articles began to appear on the net about how a new laptop could be.

Many users would love to come back.USB-A connectors along with current USB-Cs. It would be nice to have an HDMI port and a slot for SD-cards. In addition, a MagSafe connector and getting rid of the Touch Bar panel would be a good plus.

However, past experience shows that Apple almost never abandons its global solutions. Most often, the entire industry has to adapt to the company.

We can safely assume that we will not see portsUSB-A and HDMI, SD slot and MagSafe connector on MacBook Pro 2019. Apple will never return to the previous keyboard design, especially after upgrading the new version.

Below, we’ll tell you what can really appear on a 16-inch MacBook Pro.

1. 16-inch displayLiquid Retina

For the first time, the term "Liquid Retina" Apple usedfor iPhone XR, and then for the new iPad Pro. This is a modern LCD display of the company, and it is called that because it fills almost the entire front panel of the device.

That is how the company managed to accommodate an 11-inchThe display in the case of the earlier 10.5-inch iPad Pro. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is smaller in size than its predecessor. Most likely, the new MacBook Pro 2019 will have a frameless design.

The current 15-inch MacBook Pro is thinframe, so that the body of the new laptop can be a little larger to accommodate a large display. This is sure to please fans of large screens that miss the 17-inch MacBook Pro.

It is unlikely for the Mac will be used OLED-displays, because they are too expensive. This stopped the company from using such panels for the iPad Pro.

2. TechnologyPromotion

ProMotion technology first appeared at 10.5-inch iPad Pro in 2017. It provides a display refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, which is twice as much as on other displays. This is immediately noticeable when you pick up a device with this technology.

All screen animations look faster thanks tohigh refresh rate. In addition, the system automatically reduces the frequency when nothing happens on the device screen to save energy.

Apple is always trying to make the performance of their computers better. ProMotion technology has already shown itself on the iPad, and on the Mac it will look even better.

3. Face ID

Apple added biometric authentication toMac in 2016 in the form of Touch ID - three years after the release of the iPhone 5s with the same technology. A year later, the company announced that Face ID will become the new standard for biometric authentication.

Computers with face recognition have been around for some time. Most likely, Face ID will be added on Mac. It would be very convenient to simply lift the lid of the laptop to unlock it immediately.

Apple can add a lot of small sensors tofront camera in the frame above the screen, and not to do something like a notch on the iPhone X screen. Instead of a fingerprint scanner on the Touch Bar you can add a physical power button.

4. Improved panelTouch Bar

There are a lot of controversies about the usefulness of the Touch Bar. This is the panel above the keyboard of the laptop, which displays either the function keys or the control buttons for various programs. Since its inception, the panel has been updated and improved more than once with system updates.

However, the Touch Bar panel was not perfect. In the bright light on it is difficult to see something. Some panel seems too small and uncomfortable. Due to the small size, the previews in the center of the panel become useless.

Most likely, Apple will try to make this panel better. Touch Bar can be bigger, brighter and more useful.

5. Improved performance

Obviously, the performance of MacBook Pro 2019will get better. Most likely, laptops will receive support from the latest Intel processors. Performance is central to the MacBook Pro lineup. We hope that it will not become worse due to a thinner and lighter design.

The new 10nm processor will also be more economical, which means Apple may extend the work of the new laptop.

Bonus: WiFiCellular connection

Apple uses eSIM technology for iPad, Apple Watch, and now also iPhone. So why not add it on a Mac?

Cellular communication on laptops would be convenient for those who plan to use a Mac outside the home and office. This is one of those features that makes it so convenient to take along an iPad Pro.