What to give a lover of technology for Valentine's Day? 10 ideas

February 14 is rapidly approaching, but you still have not chosen what you will give to your beloved person? In this

Article we have collected 10 ideas for a gift to a fan of technology!

For the one who remains a child in the soul

Does your soulmate love retro games? Give her an iPhone case with a built-in Tetris! Such an accessory will not only protect your smartphone when it falls, but also allows you to ponastalgize about the times when GameBoy were popular not only among collectors of old games.

The game on the back uses its own battery and does not discharge the phone. At the same time, the case is quite thin and light for everyday wear. Accessory available for iPhone 6 and up.

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To create new memories

Do you often travel together? Even if your answer is “no,” a set of tripod and monopod from BENRO will surely inspire you to conquer new horizons! In addition, this is an excellent starting kit for someone who wants to try himself as a video blogger, but is not yet ready to spend money on professional equipment. The device is compatible with any smartphones and GoPro, so that you are not exactly wrong with the choice.

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To store memories

In 2019, without backup anywhere: Information becomes more and more, and even the most reliable computer or laptop can let you down. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to make backup copies of photos, videos and other files, especially for those who are constantly working with data. If your loved one is one of them, then a high-quality external hard drive will surely please him. Transcend StoreJet is distinguished not only by its high quality and durability, but also by its fall protection — which is important for a device that stores important memories (or just work files).

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Comfort without wires

Magic Mouse 2 is one of thoseiconic accessories that do not need additional representation. Incredibly lightweight and comfortable in the hand, this mouse will be an excellent gift for a fan of technology who appreciates minimalist design and ergonomics.

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For gamer

Minimalism is great, but gamers have somea different look at what a good mouse should be. Wired optical Bloody V7 from A4Tech is an excellent budget solution with a fairly aggressive design. In this case, the mouse minimizes the load on the arm, which is especially important during a long game, and also offers separate keys for additional shooting modes and eliminates the possibility of a double click.

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So that the wires do not interfere

No one likes messing around with wires, and herewireless charging comes in handy. If your loved one's smartphone supports wireless charging Qi (it is in iPhone 8 and older), then give him a stand for wireless charging! With this accessory, you can watch movies and talk on video, while charging the smartphone. And in this article you can learn how to add wireless charging to older iPhones.

Buy a stand for wireless charging Raxfly

For someone who cares about ecology

If you or your loved one caresthe problem of deforestation for the paper industry - believe me, not you alone. Apple dedicated a separate promotional video for iPad Pro to how the tablet allows you to work in the office without paper, but for this you don’t have to buy a device for 70 thousand rubles. Elfinbook 2 eternal notebook is a great alternative. You can erase unwanted entries from it with a damp cloth or a regular eraser http://www.youtube.com/watch? V = Moq2SyuljnA, which allows you to reuse it up to 500 times.

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For a creative person

HUION is not without reason called the “Chinese Wacom” -Graphic tablets of this manufacturer are of excellent quality and adequate price tags, such tablets are used in professional studios. If your loved one draws and has long wanted to try himself in digital graphics, then give him that opportunity! In addition, such a device is useful for retouching photos. A nice bonus - the already inexpensive tablets of the brand are now available at a substantial discount.

Buy a graphic tablet HUION New 1060 Plus

Time is the best gift

Cleaning is not the most pleasant way to spend time. But you make it easier for your soulmate to live by providing dry and wet house cleaning for your ILIFE smart vacuum cleaner. The device supports several cleaning modes, effectively cleans the floor even in the corners, eliminates stains, and a large battery allows you to clean a large area without recharging. At the end of the cleaning, the robot returns to the base and gets up for charging.

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For homemade aromatherapy

Do you want to give something that will make the house more comfortable? Pay attention to the aroma diffuser and humidifier in one device from the Chinese manufacturer Kbaybo. If you add essential oils to it, a pleasant light aroma will fill the apartment. Also, this small device moisturizes the air, which is especially important for the skin during the heating period.

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