What to Play in Summer 2021 on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo

Summer is certainly great - the sun, everything blooms beautifully, and so on. However, he also has two problems:

firstly, it is wildly hot, and secondly, the gamethe industry freezes, and there will be no new major releases until the fall. So we decided to look back, looked at what was cool earlier, and made for you a selection of cool games that you can and should play now.

Resident Evil Village - scary, very scary, we don't know what it is ...

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The game is on: Fourth and fifth "curling iron", new and old "Box" and "bakery"
What's interestnig: Lady Dimitrescu

And let's start with fresher games, namelyResident Evil Village. And especially for fans of the series, I will clarify that this is the eighth numbered part, which continues the plot of the seventh. Although, you and so, most likely, you know it.

And in general, the game not only continues the plotof the last part, but also develops the laid down ideas. For example, the player will again run around the castle and shoot monsters in the first person. And besides, another family will play the role of villains. The truth is a little more fantastic this time. Because there are no zombies in the Village, but only all sorts of werewolves, vampires, and so on. Don't worry though, the series hasn't slipped into fiction and all this stuff is created by a "virus", not demons or something else.


Scarlet Nexus - Without sake and Kojima will not understand

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The game is on: Fourth and fifth "curling iron", new and old "Box" and "bakery"
What's interestnig: you can throw a train at the enemy and finish off with a fireball

But Scarlet Nexus is already morea fantastic adventure, and not for everyone. After all, many people who decide to go through this game will have to come to terms with two things. Firstly, this is an anime-style drawing that looks great, but some gamers from such a variety may start to gag. Well, the second reason is the twisted plot. Moreover, to understand it completely, you will have to go through the game twice for different heroes.

The rest of the Scarlet Nexus is an excellentaction RPG with addicting combat and spectacular combat system. The main character knows how to telekinesis, and by combining this ability with ordinary attacks, you can do this quite robustly even to the largest monster. In addition, the arsenal of the protagonist can be replenished with other magical attacks, such as lightning fire and so on. So it won't be boring.


Monster Hunter Rise - stay out, it will eat you

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The game is on: so far only "Switch"
What's interestnig: huge fucking monsters

As with Monster Hunter Rise itself, becausethat this is a game about hunting huge monsters. And unlike the previous game, just swinging the sword in different directions and thinking over the ultimate will not work. Because each spawn requires its own approach, and the player will have to find the monster's weak points, optimal battle tactics, and so on.

In addition, in the arsenal of the hunter there are mainly only huge swords and sledgehammers. So the player constantly needs to take into account his attack speed, and monitor the behavior of the monster in order to be on time and for sure.

To everything, before each hunt, you will needshould prepare. For example, stock up on antidotes or other potions, pick the right weapon, improve your armor, have a tasty meal (no joke), and sharpen your weapons.

In general, the game is interesting, and the only obstacle- so far it has only been released on the Nintendo Switch. The set-top box has already sold 78 million copies, so there is a chance of getting caught by the owner of the Switch.


Loop Hero - so even Skyrim does not tighten

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The game is on: PC and Steam only
What's interestnig: this is a roguelike, so you can play literally indefinitely

But Loop Hero is only available on PC so far, butstart even on a car ten years ago. And all thanks to the simple graphics, as well as the gameplay. But at the same time, the game is very addictive, and before you even have time to look back, you will follow it all night.

In general, the whole gameplay is built arounda little man who walks in circles along a randomly generated looped road and fights against monsters. The players are watching all this, and at the same time they are sorting the found equipment.

In addition, from time to time, fallen enemies dropcards, by laying out which the player adds to the map the lair of enemies and various structures that change the gameplay. And for example, passing through a village, a character can receive a quest in the form of a very strong monster that will randomly appear on the map. While it may not sound like much fun, the reviews and ratings from players on Steam tell the opposite.


Streets of Rage 4 - for those who miss the old and cool Sega

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The game is on: The fourth and fifth "curling iron", the new and the old "Box", of course, the PC and even the "Switch" were delivered
What's interestnig: hardcore like the good old

Still, if you want a more simple gamingprocess, and even such to have fun with friends, then pay attention to Streets of rage 4. And if you suddenly start to twitch old school, it is not in vain, because this is a continuation of the same Beat em up for Sega Mega Drive. And even some iconic characters for the series are here.

Yet visually, the game has changed a lot, and nowresembles a cartoon. Moreover, the developers have tried their best on the animations, and the battles look very spectacular. But the gameplay has remained almost unchanged, and you will also have to go through the dangerous city streets, and fight with punks and corrupt cops. And if you played the classic parts of the series, and you liked it, then you will get even more fun from the fourth Streets of rage.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) Black Ops Cold War - If You Ignore the Plot, 12/10 Games Are at Your Fingertips

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The game is on: The fourth and fifth "curling iron", the new and old "Box", and of course the PC
What's interestnig: you can learn a lot about yourself and your relatives

And continuing the theme of fun gatherings with friendslet's remember Call of Duty. At least because this is now almost the only series of blockbuster shooters. Still, I advise you to play not so much for the sake of the plot, but as for the sake of multiplayer. Because the multiplayer battles in Call of Duty have always stood out with interesting maps and a variety of weapons that are fun to shoot.

In addition, in the games of the series there are always manymodes that will allow you to just mindlessly run around the map, shooting back with other players. So, unlike CS: Go, you don't have to strain to win and have fun. Well, let's not forget that the latest games in the series support coross-play, that is, users of different gaming platforms can play together.

World of Warships - What will we do with a drunken sailor?

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The game is on: PC
What's interestnig: a bunch of naval equipment from around the world

But World of Warships can boast ofwhich allows you to play absolutely free. And to get your friends involved, you don't have to persuade them to buy another $ 60 game. After all, you can just go to the Wargaming website and download the game for free.

Yet the pros do not end there, andWorld of Warships stands out for its large ship fleet. After all, the developers have tried, and transferred to the game a lot of warships of different classes and countries of the world. And they differ not only in appearance, but also in their behavior, which is important to consider on the battlefield.

But at the same time, World of Warships is very friendly tonewbies and local training will quickly get you up to speed. Nevertheless, in order to become a master, and, as they say, bend everyone, you will have to understand the behavior of each vessel, and find the optimal tactics for conducting a battle.

Well, to make the start as easy as possible,download World of Warships from this link. This will give you bonuses in the form of the American cruiser ST. Loius, German cruiser Emden, 2,500,000 credits, 7 days of Premium Account, 200 doubloons, and 20 Rebel Flame camouflages.


DeusEx Mankind Devided - For Those Frustrated By Cyberpunk 2077

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The game is on: the fourth curling iron, the last generation of "Boxes" and of course the PC
What's interestnig: many cool detective stories

And I would like to take this opportunity to remind you ofthe existence of DeusEx Mankind Devided, which I recommend to anyone who is disappointed in Cyberpunk 2077. Yes, here you will not find a large open world with a bunch of activities, but you will get a great adventure with variability, many interesting stories and addictive gameplay. Plus, it's one of the most atmospheric cyberpunk games in recent memory.

Still, of the minuses, I note that it is very short,especially if you go only on the story quest, and it breaks off, you can say in mid-sentence. Therefore, I advise you not to skip side quests, and even buy the released DLC.


Crusader Kings III - We had dumb kings, villain kings, but dumb villains.

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The game is on: PC
What's interestnig: you can feel like a real king with all the consequences, stabbing and cutting

But for lovers of a leisurely and thoughtfulgameplay is Crusader Kings III. And if this is the first time you hear about it, then this is such a global historical strategy in which you can play as kings, iconic persons and nobles. Moreover, the matter is not limited to the management of the country or the development of the settlement. A literal strategic adventure awaits you, in which you can build conspiracies, create religions, build relationships, and even develop your chosen character. In addition, the game has a serious system of actions and consequences, so that even a seemingly insignificant decision can turn into a disaster in the future.


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