What to prepare for if you bought a used video card on AliExpress

Let's say you decide to order a used graphics card like the RTX 3080 from China. Here's how you can get this

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A service center specialist and an expert on the VIK-on YouTube channel found out if it is possible to use a used RTX 3080 video card ordered from AliExpress.

There were two problems with the Chinese video card.According to the one who handed it in for repair, the backlight does not work for it and it does not hold acceleration. When disassembling the device, it turned out that it had traces of corrosion on the motherboard. This means that the card was used in a damp room. At the same time, according to the expert, this corrosion is unlikely to affect the stable operation of the RTX 3080. The backlight chip is also in good condition.

Then the expert replaced the memory chips and againcontinued to test the Chinese version of the video card. However, the situation with the video card only worsened. Further, the specialist turned off the failed channels, but he again began to experience errors during testing.

Eventually specialist concludedthat is still a Chinese video card RTX 3080after mining, it can only be suitable for games, and, most likely, even with an underestimation of frequencies. For a detailed report and troubleshooting of a used video card from under miners, see the original video: