What to prepare for if you want to buy the first Huawei-created sanctioned flagship

So, in the texts of the reviewers you read that the smartphone does not creak, does not play and stylishly lies in the hand. In the table

characteristics looked at tsiferki. We re-checked that the instructions on the Internet for installing Google Play still work, but still have not decided whether the Mate 30 Pro is cool enough to make all the sacrifices, or maybe it’s all good, and Samsung and even Xiaomi flagships are preferable ?

At first, we also did not understand how to relate toto this mobile phone, but now we will describe the impressions without trying to “fall the tear for insulting my smartphone!”, as is customary on the forums, and without too much romance, because it’s even more difficult to impress a reviewer with an expensive mobile phone than a proctologist with a bare ass. And now to the point.

Table of contents

  • Is it true that it is better to buy one expensive flagship smartphone than an inexpensive smartphone and a mirrorless?
  • What do we get in a Chinese smartphone for 50 (or 70, depending on where to buy) thousand rubles
  • Mate 30 Pro is not the most convenient camera phone. And far from the most practical
  • Camera
  • Portraits
  • Concerts
  • Normal shooting in the city and outdoors
  • Video
  • Total

Is it true that it is better to buy one expensive flagship smartphone than an inexpensive smartphone and a mirrorless?

In all seriousness, it is impossible to compare a smartphone and a full-fledged camera in any case.

Photo enthusiasts will immediately start scribblingangry comments about which author is an idiot, because at any time of the day or night they go with a holster for the camera and lens, to always shoot cats, flowers, unusual garbage that happens on the streets and other everyday with maximum quality in combat mode. And then, of course, process RAW format photos in Photoshop before sharing files (without quality compression, this is a must!) With friends. There are no obstacles for the heroes, but, as you have noticed, in cars among the low models with steep handling for smooth asphalt and frame SUVs with tractor-level patency, they won ... crossovers that can do neither the first nor the second well, but are suitable only for everything a little bit.

That's the way with smartphones, because one of theimportant rules of photography states that the best camera is the one that is always with you. In terms of obviousness and dullness, this discovery compares with the quotes of schoolchildren in the public pages of Vkontakte, but in modern conditions, when every first person they meet has a smartphone in their hands, it becomes the main mass camera. And only a few smartphones can compete with full-fledged cameras for use cases. Because the equivalent focal length of 50+ mm, even with hybrid zoom, not many smartphones can do. Okay, the Huawei P30 Pro with its super zoom doesn’t count.