What will be interesting to the new iPhone 11?

In 2019, Apple should present its new iPhone 11. Of course, the line will be represented by more than one

model, but several.Details and news about the future flagship are beginning to leak onto the Internet. We are always very curious about the opinion of the famous foreign analyst Ming Shi Kuo, who is often aware of the corporation's plans. This time he again shared some interesting news.

Reverse charge

The new iPhone 2019 will have a featureReverse wireless charging, which will provide the ability to charge with the help of iPhone and other accessories and devices, such as AirPods headphones. By the way, Kuo already informed us about this in February, but now he has given out new details.

Two way (reverse) wireless charging orTwo-way charging will allow the iPhone based on Qi, released in 2019, to charge another iPhone or new AirPods wireless headphones with a wireless charging case. In fact, you can charge any Qi-based device with your iPhone, since it will work as a wireless charger itself.

Of course, the iPhone 11 will not be the first smartphonewhich will receive this function. There are already several models on the market with a similar feature, for example, Galaxy S10 with Wireless PowerShare. But we can't deny that this feature can make it more user-friendly.

According to Kuo, to ensure bilateralWireless charging of the board for batteries that will stand in the iPhone 2019 will be increased in size, as well as the capacity of the battery pack will increase. According to Kuo, the battery capacity of the new iPhone with a 6.5-inch screen may increase by 10-15 percent, and the battery capacity of the 5.8-inch OLED iPhone XS successor may grow by 20-25 percent.

How many iPhones will be released in 2020?

It is also reported that in 2020 tehnogigantwill launch three iPhones with an OLED display, including a smaller 5.42-inch model with a thinner display. Compared with the current lineup, the new iPhones of 2020 will be presented with both small and large screen versions (5.42, 6.06 and 6.67 inches).

This 2019, Apple will choose to follow its latest trend: it will launch two OLED models with 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch screens and a 6.1-inch LCD model.

Previous rumors also indicate that in 2020 the iPhone will be equipped with a triple rear-view camera, improved tools for capturing photos and a more powerful processor.