What will be the heir to the folding smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung has only recently started selling its flexible Galaxy Fold smartphone, and is already working on a new model. And so

here's another piece of information about her.

What's new

The code name of the new model is Bloom. Let's remember that Galaxy Fold was called Winner (winner).

The Galaxy Fold has a screen diagonal of 7.29inches, but its successor will have a display either larger or smaller - either the manufacturer itself has not yet decided, or insiders cannot come to a consensus. But it should be either 6.7 or 8.1 inches.

The coating will also change: the transparent protective plastic installed on top of the screen will be replaced by ultra-thin glass. This appears to be a more robust protector for the flexible display.

The device will be running Android 10.

When to expect

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 should be released in April 2020. Perhaps the company will present it earlier - in February, along with the flagship Galaxy S11.

There will be several colors to choose from: white, black and purple.