What will happen to you if you drink eight glasses of water daily

Author of an article in Eat This, Not That! I drank eight glasses of water every day for a month. This led to

five important health outcomes. Discuss

Drinking enough water is important.This can save you from dehydration, various diseases associated with it, allow you to lose weight faster, improve skin condition and reduce the risk of kidney stones. The author of the article, a woman just under 30 years old with a height of 160 cm, decided to conduct an experiment and began to drink eight glasses of water, or 3.8 liters, for 30 days. A month later, she noticed five changes.

  1. Less frequent abdominal distension. When a girl ate too salty food or too large a serving, she still faced bloating. However, she did not experience discomfort all the time.

  2. Got headaches. This can happen if you drink too much water. At times, the person will also experience fatigue, nausea, confusion.

  1. I had to constantly go to the toilet. At the same time, if you drink too much water, it will increase the burden on the kidneys.

  2. More thirsty. This symptom appeared within a week. When a girl did not drink anything for an hour, her body “reminds” her of this with the help of thirst.

  3. Feeling full more often. Scientific articles show that thanks to water, fat is “washed out” of the body. The accumulated fat is also converted into "fuel". In addition, the feeling of satiety remained with the girl longer.

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