What will happen to your health if you constantly drink dietary supplements

Therapist, nutritionist Elena Ignatikova explained how dietary supplements can be dangerous. Discuss

According to her, dietary supplements

- food additives and therefore their compositionis not as strictly controlled as the composition of drugs. The doctor warned about the need to be careful about what a person buys, because at best you can buy a pacifier, at worst - cause allergies and seriously harm the body.

Ignatikova noted that even before usingDietary supplements should be consulted with a doctor - nutritional supplements may be incompatible with certain drugs. There are also a number of drugs that should not be taken even in conjunction with green tea.

In addition, the specialist advised to takesupplements in doses and always tell your doctor if you are taking any medications. So the responsibility for taking dietary supplements lies not only with the patient, but also with the doctor.

A dietary supplement is a drug that can havetoxic effect on the body. This is especially true for the liver and kidneys, when taking dietary supplements, there are toxic liver damage and impaired kidney function. In addition, if someone wants to be treated with herbs and at the same time takes some other medications, he does not know about the interaction of these herbs and his basic therapy. This may lead to adverse effects. For example, women who take oral contraceptives while using soothing teas may experience unwanted pregnancies. When it comes to taking dietary supplements, you should always consult with your doctor," Ignatikova said.

News stories cannot be equated with a doctor's prescription. Before making a decision, consult a specialist.

Source: Radio Sputnik