What you need to know about development at MedTech and how to get there

Why MedTech? Market volumes and features of work of IT specialists

The turnover of MedTech companies in Russia increased by 157.2% in

In 2020, 25 leading players earned 10.2 billion rubles, Smart Ranking analysts calculated.

The medical IT market in Russia is significantlydiffers from foreign counterparts. In terms of the level of development, the medical services market now resembles Russian online banking in 2007. Then no one imagined that a financial organization may not have branches, money can be transferred from account to account in seconds. Now MedTech is at the point of origin. The state shows great interest in the development of the market.

The experience of other countries also helps to develop.can be taken into account. In Brazil, 90% of medical information is stored in an electronic patient record. The program for the development of telemedicine in the country began in 2006: the authorities realized that clinics and hospitals do not exchange information with each other in any way - and this problem needs to be addressed. It was also necessary to shorten the path of the patient from home to the doctor: 200 million people live in the country. The development of the program was spurred on by COVID-19: doctors switched to remote counseling, about 400,000 people received online help. According to official data, 70-80% of patients in the country, as a rule, do not need face-to-face appointments at all, therefore, in April 2020, remote medical services were officially allowed to work in the country.

In India, telemedicine has been developed sinceearly two thousandths. A significant proportion of the huge population of 1.3 billion lives outside cities, and the Internet makes it easier for patients to access a doctor. In addition, instead of the WHO recommended one doctor per 1,000 inhabitants in India, this figure is 0.62. Russia also has long distances, with one hospital often serving dozens of villages. At the same time, there are 38 doctors per 10,000 inhabitants.

Who do Russian MedTech companies need?

Companies in this market are developing rapidly and themselvesgrow beginners to the levels of middle and senior - this can really be done in five years. Approximately every six months, newcomers to startups add in salaries because they upgrade their skills. At the same time, employers at MedTech are choosing a diverse technology stack to attract young promising professionals.

While the market in Russia lacksMedTech developers who feel their area of ​​responsibility, confidence in what they are doing, the desire to invest in product development. The developer should be product-oriented, and not just perform tasks strictly according to the terms of reference from 9:00 to 18:00.

MedTech will help the developer solve non-standardtasks and gain extraordinary experience. A developer in this market must be reasonable: there are a number of restrictions when working on a MedTech project; many different libraries are used. In addition, a mature person is more team-oriented, for the benefit of society, and not for a specific brand. To maturity must be added a willingness to learn.

How much does MedTech pay?

The Russian IT market is plus or minus uniform:the average salary of a developer at the beginning of 2022 is 159,169 rubles per month, according to Habr Career data. In addition, last year they grew by 6.2% due to regional rates: the median salary in Moscow is 160,000 rubles; in St. Petersburg - 135,000. In other regions - 100,000 rubles.

The dependence of salary on qualifications (according to the Salary Data Bank hh.ru)

junior. An entry-level specialist can count on a salary of 60,000–90,000 rubles.

Middle. A line specialist will receive 90,000–150,000 rubles.

senior. Head of a department, group or subdivision - 200,000–300,000 rubles.

Employers usually look for those who know languagesScala and Go, Objective-C and Ruby. The salaries of those who know Delphi are growing. Doctor Nearby works on React (including on the front), Kotlin on Android, Swift on iOS, PHP + Go on the backend.

Financial sector, trade, companiesin the medical segment offer IT professionals approximately the same rates. Of course, there is more money in the financial sector. Developers know perfectly well where to work if you want non-standard tasks (in e-commerce), and where to earn money (on pornographic platforms and gambling resources).

The medical sector will also surprise everyone.Now it is growing at about 20% per year. Digital medicine market — by 15% per year. This is where private and public investment comes in. For the development of such a project, a large analytical and mathematical foundation is needed, which will help the medical sector to grow to the level of modern online banking very soon.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Interviewing for a MedTech Developer Position

  • Show learning and openness. More often, companies are looking for graduates of mathematical, physical faculties, specialties in information technology. But if the candidate is open to new knowledge, another education will do.
  • Check your accumulated skills. Employers are interested in those who develop in real conditions, in the workplace. Solve impossible tasks, upgrade skills in battle, defeat himself.
  • Ambition and desired salary. How much do you want to receive in six months or a year?The answer to this question reflects the candidate's ambitions and prospects for self-development. If he expects a salary increase of two times, then he intends to grow significantly in a year as a professional.
  • Work on your communication skills. Contrary to misconceptions, it is important for IT specialists to be able to negotiate and coordinate. Developers are part of the team, so they shouldn't create conflicts.
  • If you want to be a leader. It is important for the leader of the team to be able to take responsibility, plan, predict, and want to close the debts of the team. Be able to hire specialists, build communities. There are few such people.

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