What's new in iOS 12.1.4?

Apple has finally released iOS 12.1.4 with a fix for the FaceTime bug. At first glance it might seem that the new version

contains only a bug fix, but there are some other changes.

In addition to the FaceTime bug, Apple also fixed two serious zero-day vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities could be used by hackers to break into the iPhone.

a problem was found with Live Photo in FaceTime, which was also fixed in

iOS 12.1.4
may seem like a minor update, but it actually contains
fixes several serious system vulnerabilities. That's why we
We recommend updating to iOS 12.1.4 as soon as possible if you have not yet done so

remember, that
FaceTime conferences don't work
in iOS 12.1.3 and
older. If you want to use the feature, you will have to install iOS 12.1.4.

For iOS 12.2, Apple has prepared several new features and improvements. This update will be larger because it will contain new Animoji, a new AirPlay icon, improved HomeKit management, etc.