What's New in iOS 9: New Hidden Features

Apple introduced iOS 9 at WWDC 15 with tons of new features for end users and developers.

Among these great announcements, there are some small but useful features that Apple has not reported.

Here is a list of the new features and changes of iOS 9 that we have discovered so far:



Battery saver mode

When you put your iPhone screen down ontable, it automatically turns off the screen to save energy. This is done using ambient light and proximity sensors. These and other enhancements will help extend battery life by more than one hour. In iOS 9, the low power mode that was shown during Keynote can extend the battery life by three hours. The power saving mode saves a charge, limiting network activity and performance; also manually selects what to limit: e-mail, disabling background applications, updates and downloads, brightness, as well as reducing network speed. This mode can be enabled using the new Battery menu in Settings.

Power saving mode

ICloud Drive app

As previously reported, iOS 9 will include a newiCloud Drive app that gives you access to files stored on your iCloud Drive. By default, it is hidden, but you can enable it in Settings (Settings> iCloud> iCloud Drive> On the Home screen).



Search in Settings

Apple finally added the ability to search in the application “Settings ”, now you can quickly find the settings you need, rather than manually searching through the various screens to get to the settings you want to change.

Shift key

It’s finally made it easier to see if Shift is turned on,You type in upper or lower case. In iOS 9, small letters are displayed when Shift is disabled, and capital letters are displayed when it is turned on. Prior to iOS 9, only lowercase letters were always visible, regardless of whether Shift is enabled or not.

Scrubber in the application Photos

The Photos app got Scrubber, withwith which you can get quick access to photos. Thumbnails of photos are located at the bottom of the screen and toolbar for easier navigation of your photos. This allows you to quickly flip through photos in the photo folder.

Back to search / Return to application

When using Spotlight when you startapplication from search, now you have the button “Back to search” in the status bar, which allows you to return to Spotlight. This is quite convenient, since it saves time, you do not need to press the Home button each time and call Spotlight again.

Similarly, when you click on a notification (for example, a new message), the “Back to Application” button appears, which allows you to return to the previous application.

Add attachment in the Mail application

Finally, it became possible to add attachments from iCloud Drive. When creating a message, when you press and hold in the body of the letter, you get the opportunity to insert a photo or video.

Redesigned Switcher Application

Apple redesigned the Switcher app. Now it has a Coverflow effect. Apple also got rid of “recent and selected contacts” from the Switcher application, which were not very popular with most users.

Also, the application has been redesigned for the iPad. Here's what the Switcher app looks like on an iPhone.

Recycled Siri

Siri has been updated. Now she looks like Siri on an Apple Watch.

Side switch

IOS 9 for iPhone has returned the ability to use the side switch to lock the screen or turn off the sound. This option was available on the iPad.

The device password now consists of 6 digits instead of 4

When trying to set a new password, iOS 9prompts you to use a 6-digit password instead of 4 to make your password stronger. You do not have to necessarily change your password to a 6-digit code, but if you try to change it, you will need to use a 6-digit access code.

Update: You also have the option to continue using the 4-digit password. To do this, go to “Password Options“.

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Updated 06.15.2015

Select multiple photos

There is an easier way to select multiple photos in the application. Photos. After clicking on Select in the photo album, youYou can simply slide your finger across the photos to select multiple photos. In iOS 8, to select multiple photos, you need to select each photo individually.

New font

As expected in iOS 9, Apple has replaced the Helvetica Nue font with the Apple Watch ‘San Francisco’ font.

Application Notification Grouping

You can group “Notifications byapps ”in the notification center. There is a new switch to the application settings, which allows you to group notifications by application (Settings> Notifications> Group by application).

Hide multiple photos

Now it’s become much easier to hide several photos in iOS 9. In iOS 8, you can hide a photo by pressing and holding it, and then click “Hide“. If you want to hide several photos, you have to hide them one at a time, which is rather inconvenient. In iOS 9, the option to hide photos is now available in the “Share“. This way you can hide multiple photos at once.

Map application

By clicking on the search bar, you can quickly see which places are near you. (does not work in Russia)

New auto-lock option

A new version of auto-lock on iPhone or iPad has appeared - 30 seconds (Settings> General> Auto Lock ).



Turn off vibration on iPhone

Now you can completely turn off vibration oniPhone, thanks to a new setting of universal access. But it will also turn off vibration during earthquakes, tsunamis and other emergency warnings.

Saving email attachments

You can click and hold on attachments in the mail application to save it to iCloud Drive.



The updated Mail application allows you to attach more than 5 photos to a letter at a time

Finally, you can attach more than 5 photos at once to an email.

Swipe down to return

Now you can swipe down the photo to return to the album. This is more convenient than pressing the return button “<“.

Mail Drop Support

iOS 9 got Mail Drop support for iPhone and iPad. Mail Drop lets you send large attachments up to 5 GB in size using iCloud.

Battery Details

Battery usage statistics can now be found in Settings> Battery instead of Settings> General> Statistics>Using a battery. Using the battery has a new hidden feature. When you click on the Detailed View icon, the operating time on the screen and the operating time in the background for each application or process are displayed. It can be useful to find out which application is spending the most battery power.

Battery Widget

iOS 9 comes with a new battery widget. It is only available when pairing an iPhone or iPad with an Apple Watch.


iOS 9 has received new touch screen settings for keyboard sensitivity iPhone or iPad. Settings> General> Accessibility> Touch Adaptation

New reading options in Safari

In Safari, you now have the option to change the font size, font, and background.

Attachment Editing

You can edit attachments directly in the Mail application. You can use the drawing tool, draw shapes, enlarge, select, add text and even a signature.



Add home address, work address and any chosen address to the Maps application

Now you can add your home address, work address and any chosen address directly to the Maps application when building a route.

Quick access to Wallet from the lock screen

You can double-click Touch ID to accesswallet directly from the lock screen. If you are worried about security, you can disable access to the Wallet application from the lock screen by going to the settings (Settings> Touch ID & password> Wallet).

Keyboard as trackpad on iPad

You can control the cursor on your iPad by simply moving two fingers on the keyboard to select and edit text.

Disable “Shake to cancel”

Now you can turn off “Shake tocancel ”. If you often call this function by accident, then you can turn it off in Settings> General> Accessibility> “Shake to cancel” Setting up AssistiveTouch You can customize AssistiveTouch. AssistiveTouch is very convenient if you have problems with the Home button. In iOS 9, you can fine-tune the composition and layout of the menu for this button. And also add two more buttons to AssistiveTouch. These are just some of the new hidden features that we discovered in iOS 9. This list will be replenished. If you find any new features, then write about it in the comments.