What's new will appear in the shell MIUI 11

The company Xiaomi for several months working on MIUI 11. Now the network finally has information about

some features of the shell.

What is known

This was told by the product and design manager.Liu Ming's company during a question and answer session with reporters. According to him, in MIUI 11, the appearance of application icons is unified and completely reworked. In addition, the Ultimate Power Saving Mode will appear in the new shell. When it is turned on, the screen of the device will become monochrome and users can only make calls and send messages. It can be customized by adding the necessary applications to the desktop.

With the update of the system, the developers of the company stilloptimize standard applications under the dark theme of the interface and add the ability to automatically delete the screenshot after the user shares it.

When to expect

The shell of MIUI 11 should be released in late spring or early summer. Recall that it will receive more than 40 smartphones Xiaomi.

Source: Mydrivers

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