WhatsApp will add disappearing messages

WhatsApp beta testers have discovered a self-destructing message feature in the messenger. She looks exactly

like in Telegram and Snapchat.

What is known

The innovation is called Delete Messages.messages), it has already appeared in the Android version of the WhatsApp beta client under number 2.19.348. With this feature, the user will be able to specify the time until their messages disappear. It works both in individual correspondence and in group chats. This will not only increase the security of the messenger, but will also greatly facilitate correspondence in large groups where there may be too many messages. Compatibility with the dark theme is also stated.

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In the current version of WhatsApp, you can only delete messages manually. The release date of the update is still unknown.

What was before

Previously, founder of Telegram Pavel Durovcriticized WhatsApp for critical vulnerabilities and lack of adequate protection of user messages. The entrepreneur compared the messenger to a Trojan horse and recommended removing it from the smartphone.

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