WhatsApp will have two new features

Foreign media report that in the near future two new features will be added to WhatsApp right away, which

will be useful and relevant to users. It's about enabling support for multiple devices under one account and adding expiring messages.

On the WhatsApp WABetainfo fan site (viaMSPoweruser) there was also information that developers will soon improve the use of instant messengers on several devices. Users will be able to use the WhatsApp application on multiple devices using the same account. Of course, you will be sent a security notification when accessing your account on another device, which is the norm for most popular applications that promise to ensure the safety of users and their messages.

It’s known that another popular feature isself-destruct messages - also tested by WhatsApp for many months and is expected to appear in a future update. This will basically allow users to post messages that disappear forever after a specified period of time. Expiring messages are already quite popular, especially thanks to Snapchat. Messages may expire in a day, week, or month. New features are still under development. Their release date remains unknown.

According to Statista, WhatsApp Messenger,owned by Facebook, is the world's best monthly messaging app for active users. It even surpasses its own Facebook Messenger app. With many fun features, including multimedia support and group chats, it allows people to stay connected while staying free, as messages are sent and received over the Internet.

We also note that WhatsApp in collaboration withThe World Health Organization (WHO) created a coronavirus information center to help people survive these unusual times, and donated $ 1 million to the International Fact-Finding Network. The goal of the latter is to make sure that all users, including WhatsApp users, on the network receive reliable and truthful information about the virus, including others.