When do older people think better than younger people?

It is known that human thought processes deteriorate with aging. But scientists have found that it is not

always like that. The journalist of the Swedish edition Svenska Dagbladet told what tasks the older generation can cope with better than the young.

Cognitive abilities (attention, concentration,the ability to think, remember, plan, etc.) over time in the elderly weaken. But there are exceptions. A number of studies prove this.

So, according to the results of the studyGeorgetown University Medical Center, older people's brains are better able to perform functions that involve self-control and decision-making. Michael Ullman, professor in the Department of Neurobiology at Georgetown University, suggests that this is due to the constant practice of these skills throughout life.

During the study, experts analyzed the test results of 702 people. The age of the subjects ranged from 58 to 98 years (at this time, the changes in cognitive abilities are most noticeable).

Younger participants showed a faster reaction rate, while older subjects (up to 78 years of age maximum) concentrated better on a particular aspect of the situation without being distracted.

In addition, several years ago, experts conducteda study that found that 65-75 year olds are best at driving because they are good at focusing on one task. And in races, young people will show themselves better thanks to their quick reaction.

Source: Inosmi