When there is no time to cook: the best food delivery services

Deliveries of ready-made food have come a long way. A few years ago we had to call the nearest cafes to

order pizza or sushi. Now there are applications that offer to arrange delivery from dozens of places: from fast food to restaurants and restaurants with vegan food. No phone calls, all the menus before our eyes - we live in amazing time!

If you don’t have McDonald’s near you, and the desire to eat Bigmak is unbelievably strong, or you dream about the soup of the day from your favorite cafe, but you don’t have time to go after it, you can satisfy your hunger without releasing your phone.

In this article we have collected the best services for you.delivery of ready-made food, which can be downloaded to iPhone. Note that today we are talking about deliveries with a large selection of places, so mono-deliveries (restaurants that have their own application) are not included here.


App Store Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0

Availability: 24 cities in Russia

Combines thousands of different restaurantslevel throughout Russia - from McDonald’s to fashionable establishments. The application has a convenient division into food types (burgers, sushi, healthy food, Italian cuisine, veggies for vegetarians, even shawarma is in a separate category), and you will see only places with delivery to your address in the list. At the same time, in Yandex, not only the places where their couriers carry from, but also restaurants with their own delivery are displayed. This is convenient when you need to order food from different restaurants - for example, for yourself and colleagues at work - but there is no desire to move from site to site or make many calls.

Shipping costs are listed on the establishment's page,as the minimum order. If the courier load is too high (for example, at lunch or in the evening), the shipping cost will be increased and the corresponding icon will appear. The system here is the same as “increased demand” in Yandex.Taxi, and this status is temporary. Sometimes it is enough to wait 5 minutes for the shipping cost to become normal.

Convenient feature of this application - the ability tomap track what stage your order is and where the courier is located. You also receive notifications at each stage: the order is accepted and transferred to the kitchen> the kitchen started working on the order> the order is ready and handed over to the courier> the courier arrived at the site.

Download the Yandex application. Food in the App Store


App Store Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0

Availability: 51 cities in Russia

This service is interesting because, despiteAn extensive map of available cities, it is not presented in Moscow and St. Petersburg and focuses on regions. This is the philosophy of the creators of the service, and in the near future the situation is unlikely to change. Ordering can be made both in the app and on the Chibbis website.

Popular fast food chains like the sameMcDonald's is not here, but there are many local non-network sushi shops and cafes. There is a system of bonuses: free food can be obtained for points (given for registering and writing reviews, as well as charged for each order).

Download the Chibbis App on the App Store

Delivery Club

App Store Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0

Availability: 63 cities in Russia

The functionality of the application is similar to Yandex.Food, though, let's be frank, by design Delivery loses the colorful visualization of Yandex. But this is more than offset by the fact that Delivery covers twice as many cities. You can order any kind of food here: from health food boxes selected by dietetics such as GrowFood to chicken from KFC or McDonald's burgers. However, for the last two fast-food restaurants, delivery zones are quite limited - this is partly due to the fact that Delivery started testing deliveries from McDonalds only in January of this year.

There is a search by dish names (unlikeYandex, where you have to scroll through the entire menu to find the right dish). Shares are in a separate tab. In addition, one of the important features of the Delivery Club is “food for points”. For each order you get points, which can then be exchanged for free food. A limited set of dishes is involved in the promotion, and far from all restaurants, you can find such dishes again through a search (checkbox “Food for points”).

Download the Delivery Club app on the App Store


App Store Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0

Availability: 82 cities in Russia

Although ZakaZaka and the Delivery Group have one owner(Mail.Ru Group), these food delivery services continue to work separately, so do not be surprised that the Delivery screen on the loading screen in ZakaZaka has a Delivery logo. This delivery is presented in a huge number of cities and is distinguished by an impressive catalog. Objectively speaking, the catalog here is even too large: there are not so many restaurants with unknown names in any of the submitted applications. On the one hand, a large choice is a plus and support for business, but on the other hand, sometimes you want to choose from proven places, rather than scrolling through dozens of nouveys.

Important advantage: ZakaZaka not only works with restaurants, but also with shops, markets and pastry shops. So, delivery can be ordered from the fish shop “Own people”, Danilovsky market, “Syroedova”, Pizzateka, “Taiga shop”, etc. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the choice in this category is significantly higher than in the regions, but there are offers outside Ring Road and Ring Road.

In addition, in ZakaZaka you can see the menu eventhose cafes that are now closed. This allows, for example, even at night to decide what you will order in the morning to work. As in the Delivery Club, users are rewarded with points, which can then be exchanged for food.

Download the ZakaZaka app on the App Store