When will Galaxy Fold go on sale?

The new smartphone with a folding screen Galaxy Fold is still not on sale, although it was announced almost

four months ago. As you know, a couple of months later, serious flaws and defects were discovered, due to which Samsung was forced to withdraw sales. Much time has passed, and the mobile community is indignant that the novelty has not yet returned to the market. Will it again be the triumphant return of the Galaxy Fold? Or the manufacturer will bury the idea of ​​folding smartphones forever?

Rumors about the Galaxy Fold now and then appear inThe web. However, some confusion arose: the public does not understand why so much time has passed, and sales of the Galaxy Fold have not been resumed. After all, there was information that the manufacturer corrected all the shortcomings of the phone and was again ready to present it to the world.

Indeed, the Galaxy Fold was supposed to produceits appearance is a real revolution in the mobile market. But the build quality and the problems that were discovered by well-known bloggers did not allow him to do this. This is the second device of the Samsung company, which suffers such a public fiasco. If you remember, the first was the Galaxy Note 7, which exploded. Recently, the Web said that the smartphone has been finalized by the manufacturer and is about to be available in limited quantities. But days and weeks go by, and there is no long-awaited event of the start of sales.

This is probably due to the fact that the company itself does notconfident in her new product. Reliable sources, who prefer not to call themselves, report that Samsung has managed to solve two of the most important problems of the Galaxy Fold, which were discovered during a thorough dismantling check some time ago. Namely, the protective film covering the flexible display is now reportedly feeling like a “more natural part of the device, not a removable accessory”, and, more importantly, the hinge no longer protrudes beyond the screen, reducing the risk of debris sticking between the OLED panel .

This sounds, of course, promising, but surelyIt took Samsung several months to make only these improvements in smartphone assembly for durability. It is strange that the Korean even released an unfinished device to the market. Many people believe that this rush is directly related to Huawei Mate X, the output of which is now also delayed. Most likely, Samsung is now testing its Galaxy Fold more thoroughly before releasing it to the “masses” again.

In any case, we are waiting for the Galaxy Fold andwant to know about this device a little more. The new generation of phones with a folding display will eventually see the light. And this is in any case another chapter in the mobile industry.