Where is Kojima going? An intriguing image appeared on the game designer's Twitter account with the caption "Start a new journey"

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“Start a new journey” (Start a new journey) - these are the words that accompany the new image in

Hideo Kojima's Twitter account.

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What is known

Three logos appear on the black background of the teaser, two of which are already familiar to those who follow the work of Kojima.

The central one appeared in pictures with actresses Elle fanning and Shiori Kutsuna, while the right one was featured on posters with the cryptic inscription How come? ("How did it happen?").

But we see the left logo for the first time. It features a stylization of a compass with the small caption Automated Public Assistance Company ("Automated Public Assistance Company").

Summarizing the information, we state that the mention of a new journey, the logo with a marine reptile and a compass with such an interesting inscription speak in favor of the Death Stranding sequel.

A close friend of Kojima and at the same time the host of The Game Awards Geoff Keighley hinted at something “subtly” in the comments under the Japanese tweet.

In general, everything goes to the fact that a certain announcement from Kojima Productions will definitely sound at TGA.

For those. who wants to know more

  • A two-minute gameplay video of the new horror Overdose from Hideo Kojima was leaked to the network
  • Screenshots of what appears to be Hideo Kojima's new game featuring actress Margaret Qualley have surfaced online.