Which cheap smartphone to buy in 2022: Xiaomi Redmi 10C vs Realme C35

The new Xiaomi Redmi 10C and Realme C35 cost about the same. But which model is better to buy today? Expert explains

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Channel host DimaViper Live compared Realme C35and Xiaomi Redmi 10C with 4/64 GB of memory. Both of these smartphones were released in 2022 almost simultaneously. As for the equipment, it is almost the same. The only thing is that Realme already has a protective film on the screen, but Xaiomi does not. Xiaomi also has a maximum charging power of 10W, while Realme C35 has 18W.

Started faster than Realme, although it has a processorslightly weaker than Xiaomi Redmi 10C. If we talk about screens, they differ from each other in diagonal (Xiaomi - 6.7 inches, Realme - 6.6 inches), resolution (Realme - higher), maximum brightness (it is also higher for Realme) .

The advantage of Xiaomi Redmi 10C over the competitorconsists of a more powerful Snapdragon 680 processor. The Unisoc Tiger T616 is installed on the Realme C35. The test results also show that Redmi performs better and faster than Realme. You can see all measurements below.


In general, it turns out that in appearance and screen it looks more attractive to the Realme buyer, but in fact it is weaker than the Xaiomi Redmi 10C.

As for the cameras, their main modules are the same - 50 MP each. Xiaomi has a 5 MP front camera, while Realme has 8 MP. In addition, Realme also has a macro module, which Redmi 10C does not have.

In terms of photo quality on the main camera, Xiaomi wins. The fact is that Realme takes overexposed photos, and in general, the text in the pictures is read worse on it.

When comparing pictures from the front cameras, the photo is again clearer and more natural in color on the Xaiomi Redmi 10C.

You can see photo examples below.



In general, the expert advises taking those who oftentakes pictures and who cares about good performance, namely Xiaomi Redmi 10C. Realme also has advantages: it is an attractive design, a high-quality screen. Therefore, of the two, you need to choose the one that best suits your needs.