Which iPad Air or iPad mini 5 to buy: with 64 GB or 256 GB of memory?

Apple has raised the iPad Air from the dead, and with it the iPad mini. They can be perceived as updated versions of the iPad 2017 or

simpler versions of iPad Pro 2017.The iPad Air has the same body, 10.5-inch display, support for Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. At 42,990 rubles, it is much cheaper than the new iPad Pro. The Pad mini also retains the same appearance, but the internals have been updated.

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iPad Air is a budget iPad Pro. With it, you will get a fast processor, but you will not get a new design, Face ID and Apple Pencil 2 on a magnet. If all this does not matter to you, then it is better to save money and buy an iPad Air. However, you need to decide how much memory you need. We will try to help you with this.

Memory and prices

  • iPad Air Wi-Fi (64GB): 42990 rub.
  • iPad Air Wi-Fi (256GB): 55490 rub.
  • iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular (64GB): 53990 rub.
  • iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular (256GB): 66490 rub.
  • iPad mini Wi-Fi (64GB): 32990 rub.
  • iPad mini Wi-Fi (256GB): 45490 rub.
  • iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular (64GB): 43990 rub.
  • iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular (256GB): 56490 rub.

Who is it suitable for?iPad Air oriPad mini with 64 GB of memory?

Models with 64 GB of memory should be enough for most users. It's great that the memory of the basic version was increased to 64 GB from 32 GB.

64 GB should be enough for work. If you need a tablet in order to respond to emails, use applications for working with text, for drawing and design, then this option should be enough for you. The same applies to those who plan to watch a lot of videos on the iPad. Feel free to choose the basic option, and spend the money saved on an Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard. Keyboard Smart Keyboard turns your iPad into a small laptop.

Who is it suitable for?iPadAir with 256 GB of memory?

A model with 256 GB of memory is needed by those who are alwaysbuys only the best gadgets. With the iPad, you can not use memory cards, as with tablets on Android. If you need a memory with a margin, then you need to act immediately.

If you use an iPad forediting photos and videos, it is worth buying a model with 256 GB of memory. In applications like LumaFusion, you can edit and export video in 4K. Even a video for 5-10 minutes can weigh several gigabytes. The same applies to high-quality photos. After a couple of months, Adobe programs will become available for the iPad, and they will have a little 64 GB of memory.

Think about it: are you a consumer or a creator? If you plan to consume media or communicate using your iPad, 64 GB is enough for you. But, if you create visual content, it is better to choose a version with 256 GB. Yes, you will spend more money, but it is worth it.

The model with 256 GB is also suitable for those who prefer to keep their favorite movies and TV shows offline. This also applies to YouTube Premium subscribers who save videos to devices.

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Who is it suitable for?iPad miniwith 256 GB of memory?

The iPad mini still has a 7.9 inch display. It will not be as productive as the iPad Air. For example, the Smart Keyboard does not work with it. If you do not edit 4K video on your iPad mini, then there is no point in spending extra money on additional memory.

The only reason to buy iPad mini with 256 GBMemory - media and games. iPad mini is very small and convenient. You can put it in your bag and carry it with you. If you buy a version with 256 GB of memory, you can download a lot of videos, movies and TV shows on your tablet, and then watch them anywhere and anytime. The same goes for games.

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