Which phone holds the battery longer - Galaxy S10 +, S10 or S10e

Again about the urgent — operating time of modern smartphones. And this time we decided to compare three new products at once

from Samsung — Galaxy S10+S10e and Galaxy S10. It is likely that if you are suddenly faced with the choice of which phone to buy from these three models, you will be faced with the question of which of them holds the best battery and lasts longer without recharging. You will find the answer below…

Opening hours of the new Galaxy

All three new products have received different batteries, which means that the battery life will differ from them.

  • Galaxy S10 +: 4100mAh battery
  • Galaxy S10: 3400 mAh battery
  • Galaxy S10e: 3100mAh battery

The battery test, as always, was carried out by the guys fromforeign resource PhoneArena. All three models were run on the same standardized test under the same conditions. In addition, we have the opportunity to compare the operating time of phones from the new Galaxy S10 series with the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8 and Note series.

Recall that measuring battery lifeoccurs using a custom web script that triggers power consumption typical of real life. All devices that passed the test have a brightness setting of 200 nits.

The first thing to note — this is whatthe largest Galaxy S10+ model with the largest battery has the highest score — almost 8 hours. Surprisingly, the Galaxy S10e, which has the smallest battery, performed slightly better than the Galaxy S10, which has an average battery.

Further, if we compare these results with moreWith early versions of phones from Samsung, you will notice that the battery life is approximately the same for all. The manufacturer clearly does not observe a trend toward a global increase or jump upward. So, the S9+, for example, scored about 8 hours in the test, the S8+ also scored about 8 hours, and now the Galaxy S10+ also produces a similar result.

Now conclusions on the merits. If you buy a new Galaxy, you will get a phone with a normal battery life. Something unusual is not worth waiting for. In any case, you have to charge your smartphone every night. The operating time of the new Galaxy remained at the same level as last year’s models. Although some manufacturers are trying to increase this figure with the release of new models. By the way, as part of the test, there were new products on the EXYNOS processor.