Which Russian computer stores have the lowest prices: a detailed rating

On the YouTube channel "This Computer" they told where today you can buy computers and spare parts for them

at low prices. A total of 14 Russian stores were compared. Discuss

Experts of the channel "This Computer" in the release onYouTube evaluated 14 Russian computer stores based on their prices. The cost of the processor, motherboard, SSD, power supply, cooler, RAM, video card and other spare parts was taken into account. Stores such as DNS, KNS, Xcom Shop, Xpert, Elektrozon, Citylink, Nix, OLDI, CompDay, OGO!, Regard, Online Trade.Ru, Top took part in the experiment. Computer, "Player.Ru".

For each item, a particular store receivedor +2 points (lowest price), or +1 point (below average price), or -1 point (above average price), or -2 points (highest price). The average price of each product in all stores was also calculated.



According to the test results above, it can be seen that the store turned out to be the best in terms of prices. CompDay: He scored 11 points. In second place with 8 points is Xpert, and on the third with 5 points - "Electrozone" and "Player.Ru". You can see more details in the image above.

In addition, only those stores became leaders,located in Moscow or the Moscow region. If we talk about the best supermarkets of appliances and electronics that can be found in many cities of the country, then it will be primarily KNS.