Who asked for a good analogue of smart watches Apple, but for Android and inexpensive? Get it!

8.5 / 10 FerraAmazfit GTS rating: As a former active user of iPhone and Apple Watch, I always try to find it

a worthy replacement in the world of Android. I recently tested a watch from Huawei and it upset me with its functionality - it’s not that Apple Watch doesn’t pull on a competitor, but in general some kind of fitness tracker, not a watch. But now there was a more sensible, while cheaper analogue.

Table of contents

  • Appearance and ergonomics
  • Screen
  • Functions
  • Autonomy
  • Total

Looking ahead, I’ll immediately say that in the Amazfit GTS, aboutwhich will be discussed now, is also not half the functions of the Apple Watch. But so far this is the most interesting watch of all that I have seen for Android. Yes, and an iPhone, which is already there, they also work.