WHO: humans have had monkeypox undetected for a long time

Since the first case of monkeypox was first reported in the UK on May 7, according to the WHO, 30 countries have

outside of western and central Africa, more than 550 people became ill.

Chief Expert of the United Nations Health AgencyMonkeypox Control Rosamund Lewis said the high number of cases was worrying. Therefore, in her opinion, there has been an unnoticed transmission of the virus for some time.

"We don't know if it's weeks, months or even a couple of years," she said.

Previously, it was found that vaccinesdeveloped against smallpox are about 85% effective for prevention, but supplies are limited. Mortality from monkeypox is usually quite low, and so far no deaths have been reported outside of Africa.

But Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO Leading Specialist onnew diseases, warned that while no deaths have been reported, the situation could change if the virus enters more vulnerable populations.

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