Who is to blame and what to do if Instagram is hacked

That's how you live for yourself, you live, you go to Instagram every day ... And then - bang, and at the entrance to your favorite social network,

the inscription "wrong account password" appears.

Familiar? You enter the password again and again, but all is in vain! Get over it: you hacked Instagram. The reasons may be different, ranging from the simple indulgence of someone unkind, ending with an intentional attempt to remove you as a competitor in the market of services and products. But do not panic prematurely. Remember the sequence of actions if Instagram is hacked:

Step number 1. Check if the email address is changed.

  • To do this, click "Forgot your password?" Under the "Login" button.
  • Enter your account name and click “Next” in the pop-up window.
  • When the system offers recovery options, select “Send Email”.
  • In the pop-up message you can see an approximateThe email address where the email was sent. If it is different from your email, it means that Instagram has been hacked and has already managed to change the binding to the mail.

Step # 2. We contact technical support.

  • In the authorization form, select the item “Support” below and the offer “help with entering the system”. There we enter our username and click "next".
  • Enter the email address that wastied to our account, and put a tick in front of "my account hacked." You can optionally write a comment in the field below. Click "send" - and our request flew to the technical support of Instagram.

Step number 3. Answer all technical support requests clearly and clearly.

Requests are usually as follows:

  • Photo of the user's passport with information about the date of birth and place of residence;
  • originals of photos that you published to Instagram before processing;
  • exact date of profile creation and date of the first post;
  • Selfie with a passport so that you can clearly see that the photo in the passport is really your face;
  • if with the same nickname as in Instagram, you are registered on some other network, take a screenshot and drop it into tech support;
  • screenshot of your account before it was hacked.

If the email is still yours, enoughuse the "forgot password" option. A new password is sent to the mail. Further, it is important to change this password in the Instagram settings to a more complex one. And you can continue to use the account.

It is worth recalling that the support service can be longdo not respond to requests. This happens due to the fact that there are much more users than 60 people, of which, in fact, this support service consists. Therefore, for the future, understand the simple rules of how to protect your Instagram from hacking, so that later you don’t have to use the services of network technical support.

How to protect Instagram from hacking?

  1. Use a strong password. Ideally, it should contain uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers. Try not to put one password on different social networks.
  2. Link Instagram to Facebook.
  3. Do not use the services that offer Instagram promotion.
  4. Periodically change your password on Instagram;
  5. Use the two-factor optionauthentication. Even if you hacked an account on Instagram, you will receive an SMS on the phone, without which it is impossible to log in to the system. To configure such authentication, you need to go to the Instagram options, find the “two-factor authentication” option and activate the security code. Write down your phone number and enter the verification code that came to it.

If the Instagram page is hacked, not grievingworth it. As you already know, it can be restored by doing simple actions. But it is better not to give the hackers the will and abide by all the social network security rules.