Why are some sites in Safari showing “insecure”?

If you recently updated iOS or MacOS, you may have noticed that on some sites in Safari in the address bar

the message “unsafe” is displayed.

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This label indicates that the site uses HTTP, not HTTPS. You probably noticed that the addresses of some sites do not begin with "https: //", but with "http: //".

The inscription "Insecure" does not mean that the sitethreatens your device. Sites did not become more dangerous after you updated the system and began to see this inscription. It only means that the site uses HTTP, not HTTPS.

HTTP stands for HyperText TransferProtocol, and it has been a standard web protocol for many years. By default, the HTTP standard does not encrypt your interaction with the site. You can read more about it on Wikipedia.

HTTPS stands for “HyperText TransferProtocol Secure "and previously used only for sites with maximum security. For example, for online banking sites, etc. If the site uses HTTPS, it means that all your interaction with it is encrypted. Read more about the new standard in Wikipedia.

Now the inscription "Insecure" is displayed inbrowsers Safari and Chrome, so most sites will switch to HTTPS, just to not scare their visitors. However, the process is not so simple, so some sites will not change the standard.

If you see the inscription "unsafe" on the sitethe best online bank or other site to which you need to transfer your personal data is best not to. If such an inscription is displayed on news sites, blogs, etc., it does not matter much as long as you do not need to enter any data.

A new feature appeared in Safari with updates to iOS 12.2 and MacOS 10.14.4. Google Chrome has a similar feature.