Why did Apple cancel AirPower? The reasons

Shocking news befell Apple fans a few days ago. The long-awaited accessory AirPower

finished his fate without even appearing onshop windows. On March 20, the manufacturer officially announced the cancellation of the launch of the charging mat AirPower. Why did this happen and what are the reasons, let's figure it out right now.

AirPower will not exit

AirPower charging pad was first announcedin 2017 along with the iPhone X. Then they promised us that the accessory will be released in 2018. The idea is definitely cool - use it to simultaneously wirelessly charge several accessories and gadgets. But, to our great regret, it is not realizable. The entire 2018 year passed with the complete absence of any signs of an upcoming AirPower exit.

The web was constantly rumored that withinThe production process has any difficulties with the launch of AirPower, but what exactly was wrong, no one knew. As a result, Apple has declared to the whole world:

“After a lot of effort, we came to the conclusion thatAirPower will not reach our high standards, and we canceled the project. We apologize to those customers who are looking forward to this launch. We still believe that the future is wireless and we are striving to advance the experience of wireless communication. ”

So guess what now went wrong ... FactThe fact remains: further work on this accessory has been discontinued. This is because there are production and technical difficulties in the implementation of this idea. There is an assumption that there were problems with heat management, or excessive heating. Also noted the interference and the presence of bad communication between devices, and in fact it was assumed that several gadgets could be placed on the charger at once - iPhone, Apple Watch or AirPods. Due to the use of several charging coils, the device became too hot, and this turned out to be a technical problem that Apple could not solve.

It was assumed that AirPower will workwith the AirPods wireless charging case that was released last week. Due to the fact that Apple released a case for charging AirPods recently, there were suggestions about the imminent launch of AirPower.

Now canceling AirPower launch for us isshock, since for several months there were persistent hints that the product was still in development. AirPower's references were still included in the newly released AirPods charging case, and Apple recently received a trademark for the name AirPower. There were also rumors of a spring launch. This suggests that Apple worked on the AirPower problem for months before eventually ending the project.

Completion of the project, which has already been announced at the presentation, is an unprecedented event in the history of Apple.