Why do you need to think about buying a 75-inch 8K TV

If you believe the sellers of TVs, then buyers when choosing a model go in two ways: either the diagonal

more, a sacrifice of which everything is sacrificedto the quality of the image and the brains of the device, or a reasonable balance between all the key factors affecting the choice of a model today: image technology, SmartTV platform, brand of TV and price. There is still a separate small category of buyers who make purchases on the principle of “the more expensive - the better”, but today, oddly enough, I'm not talking about them, despite the headline. Indeed, for such people there are models with diagonals of 85 inches and even 98 inches. You can’t forbid beautiful living, as they say.

Often we live in captivity already developedstereotypes without thinking that life can change. For example, robotic vacuum cleaners today are no longer sky-high, and their capabilities and user experience suggest that they are no longer useless technological toys. The situation is similar with televisions with a large diagonal. Ten years ago, when we did the first TV review on gg it was a 46-inch model, then it seemedhuge. Today you buy such a TV unless for the kitchen or the nursery, but not for the living room, where it is the main one in the house. Meanwhile, a 75-inch 4K TV can already be bought at the price of two flagship smartphones, which can no longer be called an expensive purchase. Especially if you think about the fact that the TV is bought for 10 years (the average time for replacing the TV in our country), and the moral death of the smartphone will come in 2-3 years.

How to sell 75-inch TVs in the world

According to a study by IHS Markit Ltd (sourceData - IHS Markit Ltd: this is a technology group of companies that are members of Informa Tech, the data presented in the article was obtained from their TV Sets Intelligence Service report in August 2019. The study results are not advertising for Samsung Electronics. Any third-party use of these results by a third party is at your own risk) in 2017 1,192,500 televisions with diagonals of 75 inches and above were sold. In 2018, there were already almost twice as many - 2,237,500 pieces. The highest growth rates were demonstrated by Japan, China and Eastern Europe, where sales of such televisions grew faster than the market. Although, as can be seen in the diagram below, almost half of the entire world market is “made” by North America (read - USA). In the first quarter of 2019 (there is no data for the 2nd quarter), sales amounted to 653,900 units, that is, more than half of the annual sales two years earlier (the peak, presumably, falls, as usual, in the 4th quarter). It can be seen that the popularity of televisions with large diagonals is growing all over the world.

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Who sells the most

The same statistics indicate that almosthalf of sales (44%) are made by Samsung (which, in principle, we already know - QLED technology in quantum dots is leading in global sales). In the 1st quarter of this year, Samsung sold 287 thousand televisions with a large diagonal of 654. Separation from its closest eternal competitor more than doubled. Some here see leadership in technology, others in marketing. The truth, I suppose, is somewhere in the middle - in the minds of decision-makers.

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How are things in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the situation is similar - representativesSamsung says about 700 televisions with a screen size of 75 inches or more were sold last year. Of this amount, Samsung owns 500 televisions sold, which is even much higher (72%) than in the world. However, we also have a list of manufacturers supplying such models to the Ukrainian market, which is much smaller, which means that the competition is lower, which is only beneficial for those who really deal with these supplies.

By the way, last year Samsung shot a video aboutit's time to buy 75-inch televisions. I don’t know how much he influenced the sales results, and I don’t even dare to judge his artistic value, but 13 and a half million (!) Views speak for themselves (what’s it, every third Ukrainian watched the video?):

It’s worth saying that the buyer of such a TV,Of course, all the technological advantages of modern models are available: support for 4K (8K TVs are already on sale), high dynamic range (HDR), off-screen brightness with impeccable color gamut and a frightening abyss of black depth (in modern TVs, individual blackouts are simply turned off pixels and you look at them as a screen off).

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Of course, a 75-inch TV looks more appropriate in such an interior than in your apartment, but it is not as expensive and inaccessible as we think

Five reasons to consider buying a 75-inch TV

  • old calculation dogmas are out of date: formula for calculating the optimal diagonalThe TV, tied to the distance to it, came from the 20th century and televisions with picture tubes. It is time to send her to the same place where the 20th century remained - to the past. At 4K resolution, it’s quite comfortable to watch close by, enjoying a clear picture. By the way, this has already happened with monitors - 32-inch monitors are not uncommon, they sit right in front of them, although you have a TV with a smaller diagonal in the kitchen, right?
  • home tv will look smaller: store trap: When choosing a TV, you will be directly in front of it, so it will seem huge. At home, the distance to the TV will become greater, and it will no longer look excessively large. In addition, you will quickly get used to the new diagonal no matter how huge it might seem at first. By the way, according to statistics, 80% of buyers regret that they did not choose the diagonal anymore. Do you know the situation with the purchase of the previous TV? I know so for sure.
  • you can afford it: if you already have two smartphones withwith a price tag above UAH 20,000, you can definitely afford a 75-inch 4K TV - its price starts from the cost of two smartphones. And if you bought smartphones without the help of donor surgery and all your kidneys in place, then a large TV will also be affordable for you. But then you will not regret the purchase and remember with a kind word my advice. Do not believe the sellers' words about investing in TV - this is not an investment in the literal sense of the word, it will not bring money, and the TV will not become more expensive in 10 years (such as a rare car). But this is definitely an investment in viewing pleasure, positive emotions and a little joy (which does not happen too much) every day.
  • TV is the main component of a home theater: today any video can be watched on the screensmartphone, tablet or laptop. TV has lost its monopoly on video content. But only the TV creates a sensation comparable to going to the cinema - a large picture that you immerse yourself in thanks to its size. We appreciate and love cinemas precisely for the size of the screen, and not for the opportunity to crackle popcorn with impunity. Has anyone refused to go to the cinema because of the “too big screen”?
  • no doubt choice: the choice of 75-inch TV do not overshadowdoubts related to confidence in the manufacturer: in this segment only brand models with maximum technical capabilities. No need to puzzle over where to go in case of warranty service (are we talking about buying equipment with full manufacturer's warranty obligations? Otherwise, in the age of Smart TV, buying a TV created for sales in another country is fraught with unpleasant surprises). There are no such torments of choice as buyers of simpler models, where you have to constantly keep your eyes open in search of tricks.

In the dry residue

I remember, about 10 years ago, I somehow caught myself onthe thought that giving $ 500 to a new phone (not even a smartphone!) is, for me, the order of things. But to buy decent shoes for the same money is a question worth considering. Although, if you think about it and turn off the techno-sleep mode, then good shoes will last much longer than the phone. And a decent appearance will bring its bonuses in one way or another (women and business partners pay attention to such trifles - respectability is available). Therefore, if you are faced with the choice of a new TV - seriously think about what it is worth to raise the bar diagonal to 75 inches, so as not to regret after a few years about the purchase. And if you can afford a TV for the price of a used car, then immediately look at 8K (if you are not afraid of the price of a TV comparable to the cost of an apartment, then there is only one way out). And do not listen to those who say that "too early." We heard these voices just a couple of years ago when they said that 4K is still early (Netflix already shows tons of video in UltraHD). And you don’t need to be an elder at all in order to remember the same talk about FullHD TVs only a few years ago (although our TV channels still do not broadcast in FullHD, but who is watching TV channels today, in the era of YouTube and HBO TV shows?)