Why frameless smartphone "chin"? Huawei dotted i

Recently, Huawei has released new flagship P30 and P30 Pro. There is a new cutout in the screen, the display is older

the version became rounded on the sides, but the “chins” at the bottom of the displays remained. In a recent interview with the head of Huawei, Richard Yu explained why the frameless flagship is the bottom frame.

What for?

According to the head of the company, smartphones need chins: as it turned out, they are saving both the device and its owner from false positives.

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"If you look at the P30, you will see thatThe bottom frame is really small. In fact, the lower frame of the P30 is even smaller than that of the P30 Pro. We can make the chin even more, but then it will not be very convenient to use the phone, ”said Richard Y.“ The reason why we didn’t completely remove the bottom frame is because of random clicks. If it were not for the chin, each time you want to make a brush from the bottom of the screen, the display can respond to this gesture as if pressed. ”

However, it is possible that Richard Yu was a little goofy, and the frame is needed, first of all, due to the design limitations of smartphones.

In any case, while Huawei is not going to abandon the "chins", even in the flagship models. Instead, the company will focus on reducing the side frames.