Why high temperature is dangerous for sperm

The testes of most mammals are located in the scrotum outside the abdominal cavity. This allows the body

provide a suitable temperature for spermatogenesis - at high rates it does not occur. Scientists figured out why. Discuss

Researchers in Japan have created a model of thisprocess. They studied the culture of testicles of mice, in which all stages of spermatogenesis took place. The samples were exposed to various temperatures - from +34 to 40 degrees Celsius. At the lowest temperature, spermatogenesis occurred without any disturbance. But with heating, the process began to “break”.

Scientists have linked everything with a violation of the very firstthe stage of meiosis, the process of cell division during which sex cells are formed. The researchers saw an increase in the number of DNA double-strand breaks and a disruption in their "healing". This happened already at a temperature of 37-38 degrees. Cells with such mutations then self-destructed. This led to reduced sperm production.