Why is green tea better than black tea for the body?

Green tea is often referred to as beneficial and is said to prolong life. Scientists from the Swiss Higher

the technical school of Zurich tried to understand whether these statements were true.

Green tea contains catechins called ECG andEGCG. They are said to be what makes tea attractive to anyone looking to prolong life. These substances are considered antioxidants, which means they prevent oxidative (oxidative) stress in the body.

Until now, scientists have assumed that catechinsneutralize free radicals and thus prevent damage to cells or DNA. However, now scientists have seen that these substances do not work like that.

Researchers have studied how catechins behave inworms C. elegans. As it turned out, these substances, on the contrary, contribute to oxidative stress. However, this effect is temporary. After a short-term stress, the protective capabilities of cells and the body as a whole increase. As a result, the catechins in green tea were able to prolong the life and improve the physical condition of the worms. Sports and reduced calorie intake have a similar effect on the body.

Scientists said the results of this studywell tolerated in humans. However, they did not recommend drinking concentrated green tea. Better to buy a regular herbal. Black tea contains fewer catechins. “This is why green tea is preferable to black,” the researchers concluded.

Source: Medical Xpress

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