Why is it time for you to throw away your regular toothbrush and switch to normal electric models

The importance of brushing your teeth is what parents try to instill in us before information about the rules.

traffic or even chatting withpeers. And still, most people still brush their teeth wrong. But an electric toothbrush can mitigate these problems. And here are five main arguments in favor of refusing to brush your teeth “the old fashioned way”.

Of course, we are not going to, and we don’t havemoral right to campaign in favor of any brushes without research, so we have information from experts - directly from the P&G innovation center in Kronberg.

So, the advantages of an electric toothbrush:

Compliance with the rules of brushing is monitored by automation

One of the main problems that emerges when using a conventional toothbrush is the incorrect allocation of time for cleaning.

For example, professional dentists saythat you need to brush your teeth for at least two minutes, but almost all people brush their teeth for less than half the recommended time. According to Oral B statistics, an average person spends just 46 seconds cleaning. And it’s not only laziness: simply no one pinpoints the exact number of minutes to clean, and a sense of time during such procedures also brings us down.